A Fresh Sparkles is the first half of the fifty-ninth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on February 8, 2021, and is the first segment of the ninth episode of Season 3 alongside "Noodle Burger Ploy".


When Big Hero 6 find Mr. Sparkles working at the Pizza-Party-Torium, he tells them he's decided to leave the world of crime behind.


Fred and Mini-Max visit the Pizza-Party-Torium, where Sara is replacing all hippo imagery and names with cardboard, claiming that since the "hippo incident", they thought it'd be best to redecorate. Mr. Sparkles walks by with a crowbar and opens up one of the slot machines, putting the tokens in a bag. Fred calls Big Hero 6, who quickly arrive to arrest Sparkles. He however tells them he didn't break out of jail and instead was released early for good behavior and for ratting out Yama. Baymax confirms this by looking up criminal records in his system, and Sara arrives to tell the team that "Frank" is just doing his job. Big Hero 6 is surprised to learn Frank Sparkles is his real name, while he tells them he has given up the life of crime. Honey Lemon believes him and even calls him by his first name, but the rest of the team doesn't trust him yet. Regardless, Sparkles tells them he'll earn their trust in time by being good.

At Big Hero 6's base, the team discusses that Sparkles could be up to something and have to be ready to stop him. Honey Lemon argues against it as she is convinced that he is good now, but her teammates remind her of his past acts like putting Mochi in a rocket and lanuching him to space, turning himself into a monster and attacking them, and double-crossing other criminals. Go Go tells Honey that she is too soft with criminals, showing her a list of times this has happened—such as hosting a dance party with High Voltage, eating Momakase's sushi during a battle, and helping Baron Von Steamer escape by getting him up after he slipped on water, giving him enough time to get away in his drill vehicle. Everyone else agrees that her being overly-nice can put everyone in danger, so Honey Lemon becomes upset and vows to change her attitude to be tougher, deciding not to trust Sparkles until she can prove he's doing something evil. The team returns to the Pizza-Party-Torium to spy on Sparkles, although they are quick to judge his actions only to be proven wrong when they see he is being genuinely nice.

The next morning, they have breakfast at Lucky Cat Café, though Honey Lemon barely got any sleep because she didn't want to let her guard down. Wasabi is the first to start changing his mind as he believes that Sparkles might actually be honest about being a better person, but Honey insists and claims they are now being the soft ones. Fred notices that Sparkles is also eating breakfast at another table, so Honey walks up to him undaunted to let him know she's "not fooled by his act". Sparkles replies that he's not acting, and the reason he became good is because none of the other villains he knew were happy, unlike Big Hero 6, and he wanted friends like them. Honey believes him for a moment, but scoffs and decides not to back down, then leaves the café. Later that day, Honey goes to the Pizza-Party-Torium alone to spy on Sparkles again, but instead sees Felony Carl, who tells her he is covering for Sparkles because he didn't show up for work. Honey receives a news alert from Bluff Dunder about a valuable painting that was stolen from the museum, and Sparkles' old chicken vehicle being involved.

Honey Lemon calls her teammates and all go to the warehouse where the chicken was parked. Though Hiro suggests they should talk with Sparkles first, Honey claims the time for talking is over and aggressively breaks in. She sees Sparkles tied to a chair with tape on his mouth, and Sparkles tells her it's a trap. Honey believes the trap is his own, but then Yama appears to tell them it is his trap. He explains that he escaped jail while leaving Mega Yama as a decoy, and shows them his new mech armor, Ultra Mega Yama, proceeding to attack them with it. During the fight, Sparkles manages to break free and takes the stolen painting back to the museum. Honey Lemon notices him and believes he's escaping with it, but Yama blocks the path before she can stop him. Honey encases herself in a chem-ball bunny armor and fights Ultra Mega Yama, eventually tearing the robot apart and leaving Yama defenseless. She then angrily claims that she will go find Sparkles no matter how long it takes—only to see him appear beside her, telling Honey Lemon that he only went to return the painting to save them the trip.

Finally, Honey Lemon is convinced that Sparkles truly changed, so she apologizes for not trusting him before. Sparkles says it's alright, but has to leave because he's late for his shift at the Pizza-Party-Torium. Hiro and the rest also apologize to Honey for pressuring her about changing her attitude, so they share a group hug. Yama takes advantage of them and asks if he can go see Little Yama in his room before he's taken back to jail, and Honey allows him to do it—but they quickly realize he lied and escaped in his car. Go Go then asserts back to her role as "the tough one" in the team, as she gets ready to go after him.


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  • For an unknown reason, this episode was originally listed with the title "A French Apprentice".
  • Mr. Sparkles' first name is revealed to be Frank.
  • Fred exclaiming "It's a tarp!" is a reference to the Star Wars meme "It's a trap!" that is sometimes intentionally misspelled as such.


  • Mr. Sparkles' eyebrows are pink when he first greets Fred.


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