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So what am I then, a hero in my own right, or a slave to my power-purse? Let's find out!

Aiko Miyazaki is a young Japanese woman who is a member of the superhero team Big Hero 6 and uses the codename Honey Lemon.


Aiko Miyazaki was born in Jōetsu, Japan. She was enrolled in the graduate program at the Tokyo University of Science when she was recruited by the Naikaku Jōhō Chōsashitsu (Naichō), Japan's premiere intelligence agency. Miyazaki's stunning looks and sharp intellect made her a prime candidate for secret agent status, and she was promptly placed on a research and development team consisting of Naichō's top physicists, chemists, and mechanical engineers and put to work creating new technology for the government. Although Miyazaki's team was responsible for several innovations in surveillance technology, by far their most significant invention was the "Power Purse".

Soon after, the top-secret consortium of Japanese politiciants and business entities known as the Giri Corporation began recruiting candidates for Big Hero 6, which was to become Japan's premiere superhero team. Inspired by the exploits of Sunfire, Japan's national superhero, Miyazaki persuasively lobbied her superiors in Naichō for a spot on the team. Graduating to full-fledged "secret agent" status, Miyazaki adopted the codename "Honey Lemon" (inspired by her favorite television program of the same name).


Honey is outgoing and optimistic, and she is the most caring and compassionate member of Big Hero 6. Simultaneously, she is one of the team's most responsible members, which had initially made her dislike Go-Go Tomago. She is also scripted as a sexy troublemaker, and seemed to be attracted to Hiro Takachiho as she kept smiling at him in a flirtatious way.


Honey Lemon's appearance is meant to match her personality: She originally had black hair, but was dyed blonde, and her eyes were originally brown then later shown as blue (likely through the use of contact lenses).

She wears a red-colored, short bolero-style jacket that reveals a lemon tattoo in her midsection. She's also got a choker, biker boots, a Hello Kitty-inspired tattoo, and uses red eye makeup and hair dye to suggest both 'geisha' and 'suicide girl'.[1] Being in the cheerleading team—a sport requiring flexibility and muscle strength, her body is toned and curvy from top to bottom with 11 abs, muscular thighs and voluminous breasts.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Honey Lemon is a brilliant scientist who often keeps her opponents off-guard by feigning ignorance. She was a MS in physics at the Tokyo University of Science.
  • Martial Arts: As a secret agent of the Naichō intelligence agency, she is extensively trained in various martial arts including Aikido, Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu and Taekwondo.


  • Power Purse: Before deploying in the field, Honey Lemon typically gathers a large arsenal of supplies, shrinks them to microscopic size, and stores them in the miniature pocket universes only accessible via the Power Purse's wormholes. As such, she is able to instantaneously retrieve these items from the Power Purse and restore them to their original size while in the field.


After being accepted into the Big Hero 6 team, Honey Lemon had an initiation test in the form of a surprise attack to test her skills. She successfully passed it, but quickly found herself at odds with teammate Go-Go Tomago, a tough-talking ex-convict who felt that Honey Lemon received special treatment because of her looks and intellect. However, after several heated squabbles, the two eventually learned to appreciate one another and became good friends.

Two months later[2], Mr. Oshima from the Giri Corporation sends Silver Samurai, Big Hero 6's team leader, to recruit Hiro Takachiho and Baymax at the Tesuka Advanced Science Institute. Before classes, Hiro sees Honey Lemon standing nearby and quickly falls in love with her. He meets Silver Samurai during class, but despite his attempts, Hiro and his mother refused to let him join Big Hero 6. Hiro and Baymax later find Sunfire at a temple after Hiro had tracked him down following Sunfire's supposed death, but see him in a terrible condition that makes him lose control of his powers, accidentally shooting a flame at Hiro which causes Baymax's bodyguard protocols to override him and attack Sunfire back. Fortunately, Honey, Go-Go and Silver Samurai show up and stop the quarrel. As Sunfire falls unconscious, he is taken to Giri's HQ where he is greeted by Honey Lemon, who tries to comfort him and make him feel better.

Hiro and Baymax surprisingly show up at the base in a hostile manner, attacking the personnel until they're stopped by Silver Samurai. Afterwards, Hiro explains that his mother had been kidnapped by a mysterious villain calling himself "Everwraith" who had blackmailed him to infiltrate the base, so Big Hero 6 offer to help Hiro. Without Sunfire, the Big Hero 6 confront Everwraith at the streets of Tokyo, but see that he is a ghost who can barely be touched. Soon, Sunfire joins the battle and defeats the villain, with both Sunfire and Everwraith apparently killed in the process. At Sunfire's "funeral", Honey Lemon kisses Hiro's forehead while assuring him that things will get better, then leaves alongside Go-Go and Silver Samurai. When they leave, Sunfire appears revealing he hadn't died, but only wanted to keep a low profile while he travelled to Canada to seek answers about his condition.

Following these events, Hiro and Baymax decide to actually join Big Hero 6, and while they search for a new sixth member, the team's base is moved to the Cool World Amusement Park in Osaka. One day at the park, they see a gigantic monster rising up from the sea that attacks Big Hero 6's base, so Hiro asks Honey Lemon to contact Sunfire as he believed that only he would know how to defeat the monster. Shortly after receiving Honey Lemon's distress call, Sunfire arrives accompanied by the Canadian super-team Alpha Flight, though they find that the monster had already left, so they instead help clean up and look for clues about the monster. Both teams soon find a boy named Tomi, who reveals that the monster was an old creature called X the Unknowable and that he had created a comic that brought it back to life. It is then that Big Hero 6 and Alpha Flight see X return and attempt stopping it, but everything they tried was actually part of the comic's story. In the end, Sunfire apparently defeats X but read that the creature would eventually turn into a human who married a princess, so the heroes simply decide it's best to allow it to happen and just leave, with Alpha Flight going back to their country and Sunfire deciding to stay in Japan and join Big Hero 6 again.

With the Cool World base destroyed, the team is moved to the "Six Building" back at Tokyo, but eventually both Sunfire and Silver Samurai depart from the team for different reasons, leaving the team weakened with only four members. During this line-up, one of Sunfire's old foes, Deadline, attacks Big Hero 6's headquarters and manages to take over as he intends to recreate his Doomsday Device which Sunfire had destroyed in a previous encounter with him. As the Six Building comes under Deadline's control, Honey Lemon manages to fit herself inside her Power Purse to hide, taken to the Microverse and into a planet within it named Coronar. There, she learns about a cult known as the Scions of the Azure Flame who took over the planet, so Honey helps Empress Hynodia—the planet's ruler—to free her daughter from the Azure Flame and regain order. Hynodia's daughter, Princess Lumina, felt an eternal gratitude towards Honey Lemon and offered to help her back on Earth—claiming it was a "soul debt" she owed to her. Back on Earth, Honey and Lumina see that Deadline still has full control of the base, but thanks to Lumina's heat-based Coronarian powers, the duo manage to defeat Deadline. Although he escapes, his Doomsday Device is kept in custody at the Six Building and Hiro reinforces the security, then Lumina is accepted as a new member of the Big Hero 6.

The team is later attacked by the Ebon Samurai: a resuscitated man seeking revenge against Silver Samurai after being murdered by him long time ago. Big Hero 6 explain that Silver Samurai was no longer part of the team and had been apparently slain by Elektra Natchios, so Ebon Samurai takes his place in the team as he believed he had no other purpose to fulfill. With both Lumina and Ebon Samurai, Big Hero 6 were complete again.

Eventually, Lumina shows to be obsessed with Honey Lemon, going as far as calling her a goddess and taking the alias of "Sunpyre" to honor Sunfire's deceased sister who was once called that, after Honey revealed she also admired Sunfire. This started to annoy Honey Lemon in some occasions, as Sunpyre was too insistent in pleasing her in any possible way even when she didn't need it.

At some point following this, the team is brainwashed with a device and sent to Canada, where they fight a new iteration of the Alpha Flight team until the Canadian heroes overpower Big Hero 6, notice the device controlling them, and help them break free from it. Big Hero 6 return home to investigate about whoever was responsible for it.

After the superhuman Civil War in the U.S., Big Hero 6 and other Japanese superheroes attend a press conference in Tokyo, where the government claimed they would be cooperating with the heroes more closely, as opposed to the U.S. Superhuman Registration Act that had caused the Civil War.

Sometime after, Sunpyre had to leave the team when she learned about the Azure Flame regrouping in her homeworld even though she promised to return and pay her "soul debt", with Honey Lemon allowing her use the Power Purse to return to Coronar; on the other hand, Ebon Samurai left upon learning that Silver Samurai still lived and had to continue his mission on slaying him so that his soul may rest at last. Due to this, Big Hero 6 was forced to once more look for new members. Unknown to Honey Lemon, Sunpyre did return to Earth briefly a few months after her departure; but headed back to Coronar with Ebon Samurai again as he convinced her that she had already paid her soul debt to her.

Eventually, the team came across the mutant chef Wasabi No-Ginger, whom they recruited into the team. One day, Honey and Go-Go walk Hiro to school only to embarrass him in front of his friends, then go watch Wasabi's "surprise initiation test"—the same both of them had when they first joined the team. The girls watch as Wasabi cooks when a mysterious group of "attackers" interrupts him, which he fights alone. Go-Go suggest they tell him it's all a test, but Honey Lemon reminds her that no one told them when it was their turn, so they simply continue to watch the fight go on, with Honey even becoming too impressed with Wasabi's skills to the point she claims she's in love. After the fight ends and the situation is explained, Wasabi invites everyone to eat his sushi, including the fake attackers.

At the same time, a trio of villains called Brute, Gunsmith and Whiplash attack the Tesuka Advanced Science Institute while Hiro was in class, causing him to call his teammates, who arrive and fight until the villains are defeated and mysteriously turn into civilians who had no memory of what happened. Later, Big Hero 6 meet Furi Wamu, the secret agent of Giri who had assembled the original Big Hero 6 team; it is then that Big Hero 6 are sent to New York as Furi explains that one of her enemies, Badgal, was responsible for the school attack and had only used it as a distraction to steal an item from a bank. In New York, Big Hero 6 meet their last member, Fred, and the six new heroes are enrolled into Southport High School to watch over Marys Iosama, the genius daughter of the also brilliant Keigi Iosama, who was helping Furi research the last item Badgal tried to acquire.

During a football match which Go-Go and Wasabi had gotten into, Honey Lemon is ambushed and brainwashed into becoming the new host for Whiplash, using a chain with her Power Purse as weapons. Afterwards, Furi and Dr. Iosama are also captured and possessed, so the rest of Big Hero 6 have to fight them. During the battle, Badgal notices Go-Go's strength and makes Whiplash leave Honey's body to take over Go-Go instead. After Badgal's defeat, everyone returns to normal and the heroes find an alien spaceship which Hiro had detected before going to New York. They find it was full of aliens wearing robot suits, but have to leave them when they hear the police was coming.

Furi and Baymax are kept in custody while the rest are allowed to leave as Furi had made a false story so the authorities wouldn't find out about Big Hero 6 being a Japanese organization. It was then that Honey made amends with Go-Go for the way she acted, restoring the two's relationship. Following this, the team return to take on Badgal again and restore the alien spaceship so it could leave Earth. Honey was the one to defeat Badgal, forced to use her own strength instead of her Power Purse because Go-Go was using a special armor at the time which Honey created from the purse. Though the police soon find out the truth, Furi makes a deal to allow them to return to Japan. Back at their homeland, Big Hero 6 once more has their base moved to the Giri Institute.

For the team's next mission, they aid Spider-Man into destroying Doctor Octopus' missile bases around the world so he would be unable to destroy the ozone layer and set the Earth on fire. Big Hero 6 face Everwraith again after so long, having learned that he allied with Octopus to defend his missile base stationed in Japan. Honey Lemon steals a blaster from Mr. Fantastic by reaching into her Power Purse, and the blast from the gun destabilizes Everwraith's necro-plasmic field, which allows Go-Go to beat him and therefore letting Baymax destroy the last remaining missile.


  • Although her official bio mentions that her hair was originally black, this is never shown in-universe.


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