Basemax is an artificial intelligence system integrated to Big Hero 6's Headquarters.


Basemax was created by Roddy Blair, who had been hired by Fred to remodel the Frederickson Candy Company into a base for Big Hero 6.


Although Basemax doesn't have a physical body, she is displayed on screens as a face similar to Baymax, although with hexagonal eyes. As an A.I., she has no sex, but her programming has a female voice and therefore is referred as such by the team and other people.


In "Hardlight," when Big Hero 6 arrived at their new headquarters, Roddy told them he had just finished the first room. Fred hit himself trying to enter as the door didn't open, so Roddy mentioned it was voice-activated. The door then opened after authenticating Baymax's voice when he greeted at the system, and Basemax introduced herself, opening the door and leading the team into the conference room where Basemax's screen interface could be seen.


  • Basemax is the fourth invention with "Max" at the end of its name after Baymax, Skymax and Mini-Max.


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