Baymax and Hiro is the fourth "Baymax and..." short. It is based off Big Hero 6: The Series, and was uploaded to YouTube by the official Disney Channel account on June 14, 2018.

Official Description

Hiro boosts Baymax's battery, which causes Baymax to go into overdrive! Oh no.


Baymax and Hiro returns home after a long night where they caught a robber and had crunchy tacos. Hiro suggests making a battery boost chip so that Baymax's battery will be boosted.

The next day, Hiro puts the chip in Baymax. But as soon as it was in Baymax, Hiro told him to slow down. Baymax scares Mochi and interrupts Hiro's breakfast. He also makes Hiro put a backpack on two shoulders instead of one. During lunch, Baymax tries to feed Hiro, which was an opportunity for Karmi to embarrass Hiro, but he ends up choking and spitting the food out. He also talks about his eyes after school when he stares at his computer and serves dinner for Hiro and Aunt Cass. He brushes Hiro's teeth quickly, hugs him tightly, and vibrates his bed.

Hiro removes the battery boost chip and said that Baymax was perfect just the way he was. Then Baymax hugs Hiro after going to his charger.


Character Notes Voice Actor
Baymax Scott Adsit
Hiro Hamada Ryan Potter
Karmi Non-Speaking Role
Aunt Cass Non-Speaking Role
Mr. Sparkles Pictured



Baymax and Hiro (Short) Big Hero 6 The Series Disney Channel





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