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Big Hero 6: Baymax Blast is an application based on the animated film Big Hero 6.


Suit up and soar with Baymax through the streets of San Fransokyo! Snatch back trails of stolen microbots and complete missions to unlock and upgrade new playable characters and tech, video clips from the feature film, and exclusive character backgrounds and story art from Big Hero 6! Then hang out in the lab with your favorite heroes and their huggable healthcare companion.


Big Hero 6: Baymax Blast is an endless runner where the player swipes the screen to help Hiro and Baymax collect microbots while dodging microbots and other hazards in the city. Swiping left and right switches between one of three lanes, while swiping up causes Baymax to swoop upwards and swiping down allows Baymax to dive under obstacles. The landscape moves faster the longer the player survives.

Baymax has a health bar that is displayed on the top right part of the screen. When the bar depletes fully, the level ends, and the player is given the option to return to the menu or try again. Throughout the level, the player can collect electrical charges to restore Baymax's health.

There are a variety of powerups that help Hiro and Baymax collect more microbots and achieve a higher score, such as score multipliers, a shield, and a magnet.

The player can use microbots to upgrade abilities, and winning levels allows the player to access Fred Files, which recap the story of the film and unlock other files such as character descriptions (written by Fred) or applications to SFIT.