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Big Hero 6: Bot Fight was a mobile game that was released on November 3, 2014 and shut down in February 3, 2016. It was developed by mobile developer Gumi and published by Disney Interactive.

The events of the game take place a year after the film.


The game, which took only six months to develop, was done by Singapore-based developer Gumi. Well-known for their mobile-based RPG, Brave Frontier, Gumi incorporated some of the elements from Frontier into Bot Fight. Gumi had a co-development agreement with Disney, in which Gumi and Disney Interactive owned the distribution rights for the game in Asia and internationally, respectively.


One year after the events of the film, the top tech companies of the nation show off their latest inventions at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology Expo. However, Krei Tech's entry, the Virtual Intelligence Lifeform Enhancement (V.I.L.E.) Security Bots hack into other bots, causing them to turn against their creators. The V.I.L.E. Command Bot quickly begins adding several bots to his army.

Big Hero 6 then arrive, and Hiro notices that the bots have copied circuitry from his Microbots, causing him to realize he can override them and every hacked bot he defeats can fight by their side instead.

Eventually, Hiro defeats the V.I.L.E. Command Bot, but it ends up in hands of Mr. Yama, so he has to face him too.

There are six companies involved, one for every element/type existing in the game:

  • Pyroclast Industries 01 Red.png manufactures Thermal bots.
  • BotaniComm 02 Green.png manufactures Bio bots.
  • Deep-Six Submersibles 03 Blue.png manufactures Hydro bots.
  • HelioCorp 04 Yellow.png manufactures Solar bots.
  • Krei Tech 05 Purple.png manufactures Magnetic bots.


Battle Rules

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The core gameplay revolved around attacking the opponent with battle bots and determining their attack using a board set containing power cells from the five elemental power types:


Thermal, Bio and Hydro follow traditional rock-paper-scissors effectiveness, while Solar and Magnetic cancel each other out.


For each level, the player must use battle bots to defeat the opposing team's bots. To do this, the player is designated to line up three or more cells of the same color in order to attack the opposing team. The effectiveness of attack depends on the number of cells matched up (the more there are, the more powerful the attack) and the power type of the opponent.

In-game, the number of matches a player makes is limited by the number of turns they have. Special Power Cells can appear randomly or if a player matches up cells in an "L" or "T" shape. Another type of cell with a heart symbol is also available, which allows the player to recover HP. Special Power Cells can strengthen the player's attack, heal their bots, or combine with other power cells to unleash deadly combos. In addition, if a player gets enough turns, they can summon one of the members of the Big Hero 6 in that level for a special move.


TEAM Button.png

While the player receives a bot at the beginning of the game, they can collect parts to build their own bots and add them to their teams. When the bot is at its max level and enough parts are collected, the player can also evolve their bots into stronger forms. Evolution Bot Parts are materials that players need to evolve their bots into their stronger forms. They come in five elemental attributes and types.

Players can also create up to 5 different teams and they can quickly switch between those teams by tapping Edit Team on the Team Management screen. From there, players can also change/remove their Bots by tapping on the Bot Slots.

Bots automatically earn XP when used in Missions. Accessing the Level Up function in the Team menu will further level up the player's Bots by fusing Bots together.


SHOP Button.png

Prism Prisms.png is the game's currency. Most of the purchases require prism as payment. Players can buy prisms in packs. However, Prism purchases require real money and will be then charged to the player's account.

In the shop, players can buy full restoration of energy Energy.png, Power-Ups Hero Power Up.png, bundles that include Gold Coins Gold coin.png, Hero Power-Ups, Energy and Ally PointsOnigiri social points.png; expand their bots inventory by 5 slots, or extend their Friend Slots by 5 when their friend capacity becomes full.

Lucky Cat

CAT Button.png

Lucky Cat is where players can acquire new bots by using prisms and ally points. Prisms can be purchased through Shop while Ally Points are rewarded for playing Missions with an Ally or a Friend. Bots come out of the Lucky Cat in the form of a Baymax daruma.

There are two Lucky Cats where players can obtain bots: in Ally Lucky Cat, players can acquire new bots ranging from 1-3 stars. Ally Lucky Cat costs 200 Ally Points per chance. In Prism Lucky Cat, players are guaranteed to get bots with 3-stars or even greater rarity. Prism Lucky Cat costs 5 prisms per chance.



SOCIAL Button.png

In the Friends Management section, players can check in-game news and claim rewards, accept/decline friend requests, search for other players' IDs and view their friend list.

Also, for Android users, they can directly add their friends from Facebook who play the game.

A list of in-game messages can be found in the player's inbox. By tapping the Details button, they can read announcements and claim their rewards. The time left for the players to collect rewards and do missions is also indicated.


INFO Button.png

There were over 300 original bot characters created for the game.

There are also Bot Classes, which influence each Bot's stats. The available classes are: Tank, Guardian, Attack, Balanced, Science and Analyst.

All battle bots are a certain power type, therefore they are weak or effective against another power type. Individual bots can also unleash their "Bot Skill", a special skill exclusive to them, after a certain number of turns. A "Leader Skill" is also available for the bot in the team's leader slot.



The game was discontinued on February 3, 2016, with the following notice posted on the game's official website sometime prior:

"Dear Big Hero 6: Bot Fight Users,

We are sorry to inform you that the Big Hero 6: Bot Fight application ("Services") is closed effective as of February 3rd 2016 at 16.00 JST ("Closing Date"). We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the users who have supported us and our Services. We sincerely hope our Services have been an enjoyable experience for you.

We would like to thank you for your passion, support and dedication to us and our Services. We look forward to seeing you again in other Gumi games.


Big Hero 6: Bot Fight Team




  • Before this game's release, Snips did not have an official name.
  • Like other Big Hero 6 media, Bot Fight takes inspiration from Japanese culture.
    • For example, the Lucky Cat section is based off the Maneki-neko and resembles Mochi, while the bots obtained from it come in the shape of Daruma dolls.
    • Another instance is the Ally Points which are inspired by Suzu bells.
  • By far, this is the only Big Hero 6 mobile game that has been released. All other appearances of the team or related characters are in Disney crossover games only.

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