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The Big Hero 6: The Series shorts are a series of webisodes available on YouTube by Disney. They are based on Big Hero 6: The Series.

Different groups of shorts were released, as well as one crossover.

Baymax and

The first six shorts star Baymax interacting with a different character in every episode. Every short starts with Baymax saying "Hello, I am Baymax" with some variables such as his outfit. They were first made available in different official Disney regional accounts and were posted months later by Disney Channel's international account.

These episodes were produced during Season 1 between the production of "The Impatient Patient" and "Muirahara Woods", and all were directed by Ben Juwono[1].

All shorts are approximately 2 minutes long.

Number # Episode title Original air date Prod. code
1 "Baymax and Fred" May 31, 2018 001
2 "Baymax and Go Go" June 2, 2018 002
3 "Baymax and Wasabi" June 6, 2018 003
4 "Baymax and Hiro" June 14, 2018 005
5 "Baymax and Mochi" June 18, 2018 004
6 "Baymax and Honey Lemon" June 20, 2018 006

Baymax Dreams

Baymax Dreams.png

The second series of shorts, titled "Baymax Dreams", was released beginning in September 2018. They feature Baymax in "dream" sequences. Unlike the previous shorts, they mix the show's 2D animation with 3D animation created using Unity Technologies' real-time rendering technology.

The first short was uploaded by IGN on September 14, 2018, as an exclusive first look; the following day all three were uploaded by Disney Channel and DisneyNOW's YouTube accounts. The first three "Baymax Dreams" shorts were directed by Simon J. Smith with Disney Television Animation’s creative oversight and a crew of 15 "Made with Unity" team members over 6 months using Unity 2018.2. .[2][3].

A mobile game inspired by the shorts, titled "Big Hero 6: Bedbug Blitz" was also released.

Two new "Baymax Dreams" shorts were released in July 2020 by the official Disney XD account.

On January 28, 2021, a special interactive short titled "Baymax Dreams of Fred's Glitch" was released. A non-interactive version of it was made available on YouTube a week later. A website was also launched.

Number # Episode title Original air date
1 "Baymax Dreams of Evil Sheep" September 14, 2018
2 "Baymax Dreams of Bed Bugs" September 15, 2018
3 "Baymax Dreams of Too Many Baymaxes" September 15, 2018
4 "Baymax Dreams of Mochizilla" July 28, 2020
5 "Baymax Dreams of Too Many Freds" July 28, 2020
6 "Baymax Dreams of Fred's Glitch" January 28, 2021

Big Chibi 6

Big Chibi 6 The Shorts.png

The third series of shorts, titled "Big Chibi 6: The Series" (alternatively known as "Big Chibi 6: The Shorts") was released starting in November 2018. They are based on Karmi's fan-fiction sequences from "Fan Friction". The shorts filled the gap between Season 1 and Season 2's airing date, and are considered part of Season 2[1].

The Big Chibi 6 shorts are 1 minute long each, and like the "Baymax and" shorts, all were directed by Ben Juwono.

Number # Episode title Original air date Prod. code
1 "Making Popcorn" November 6, 2018 021
2 "Mochi No!" November 13, 2018 026
3 "Save Mochi" November 20, 2018 022
4 "Noodle Song" November 20, 2018 027
5 "Snoring" November 27, 2018 024
6 "Gumball Trouble" February 5, 2019 023
7 "Love Letters" February 12, 2019 029
8 "Super Charged" February 19, 2019 025
9 "Low Battery" April 2, 2019 030
10 "Road Trip" April 9, 2019 028
11 "Super Driver" April 20, 2019 031
12 "Brunch Rush" April 27, 2019 032

Baymax and Mochi

Baymax and Mochi title card.png

A trio of shorts titled "Baymax and Mochi", which are illustrated in a watercolor style, were released throughout May 2019—although they were produced in 2018, as hinted by their title card.

The "Baymax and Mochi" episodes are around 1 minute long.

Number # Episode title Original air date
1 "Flowers and Butterflies" May 6, 2019
2 "Mochi and his Toy" May 14, 2019
3 "Messy Room" May 21, 2019

Random Rings

Baymax appears in a crossover called "Random Rings" with Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales.

Baymax Helps Launchpad!

  • International date: June 29, 2020
  • Official description: Looking to order pizza, Launchpad accidentally calls Baymax, who gives him professional medical advice!

Baymax Helps Launchpad! - Random Rings - DuckTales - Big Hero 6 The Series - Disney Channel


  • During Season 1, Bandai released collectible figures inspired by chibi versions of some of the characters.