Big Hero 6 Cinestory Comic is a book based on the movie Big Hero 6.


"With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Big Hero 6 is an action-packed comedy-adventure that introduces Baymax, a lovable, personal companion robot, who forms a special bond with robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst of a dangerous plot unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to Baymax and his diverse group of friends- adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred - who transform into a band of unlikely heroes. Bring home Disney's Big Hero 6,- in almost 400 comic pages of fun for the whole family!"[1]



  • The cinestory follows the film closely, lifting shots from the film and essentially presenting the entire movie but in print form. However, some of the dialogue from characters is omitted or altered.