"Big Roommates 2" is the third episode from Season 1 of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on June 9, 2018.


A purse thief gets more than he bargained for when he steals Honey Lemon's chem-lab purse and it turns him into a monster.


At the school cafeteria, Fred has helped himself to some mystery loaf, while Honey Lemon reloads her chem-purse at the table. Wasabi rushes over, relieved that Honey is safe after she tried out a new formula for instant ice, but accidentally froze her dorm room and her roommate. Until her room thaws, Honey convinces Go Go to let her stay at her apartment, despite it being in a sketchy neighborhood. On moving day, Honey's positive attitude causes her to be careless, and she leaves her chem-purse unsupervised, despite Go Go's warnings. A down on his luck thief named Dibs steals Honey's chem-purse and takes it to a warehouse, which is revealed to be a secret lab belonging to Alistair Krei when he walks in along with his assistant. Dibs hides and Krei reveals that he has invented a new and improved version of Hiro's neurotransmitter for the Microbots, with the ability to control anything linked to it with the mind. Overhearing that it is worth a fortune, Dibs decides to steal it for himself. When Krei leaves the warehouse, Dibs tries on the neurotransmitter, but accidentally breaks Honey's chem-purse, causing purple goo to burst out and consume Dibs, turning him into a gooey monster.

Meanwhile, both Honey and Go Go have a hard time living together. Honey fills the apartment with butterflies (that were caterpillars when she packed them), places cute stickers all over Go Go's refrigerator and food, and snores in her sleep. Go Go does her sparring while Honey tries to do her yoga, and accidentally slices her roses while doing target practice with her disks. Honey eventually realizes that her chem-purse has gone missing. Go Go firmly believes it was stolen, but Honey, being optimistic, does not believe so, citing that all people have some good in them, and having confidence that it will eventually turn up. At the Lucky Cat Café, Fred charges in with news that a monster is loose in the city. His friends tell him that monsters are not real, but Fred convinces everyone to check it out. Go Go, meanwhile, is fast asleep after being kept awake by Honey's snoring the night before. Hiro and Fred are out on the streets searching for clues and find a goo sample that was left by the monster. Go Go later wakes up back at her apartment in Baymax's arms. Wasabi becomes distressed when Honey's chem-purse is not in the box he labled purses, and desperately tries to find it, while Go Go reiterates that it was stolen. Honey's disbelief over it being stolen causes an argument to break out between the two girls. Soon afterward, they hear screaming coming from outside and go to investigate.

Nearby the park, Dibs is confronted by Wasabi, Baymax, Honey, and Go Go. Baymax scans and reveals that the chemicals covering Dibs' body is an unknown compound that is being controled by the neurotransmitter he is wearing. Honey becomes ashamed after realizing it was her purse that turned him into a monster, and that Go Go was right. The team tries to catch Dibs, now dubbed "Globby" by Fred, but he gets away when he accidentally gets run over, and sticks to, a passing bus. At Go Go's apartment, Hiro builds honey a new chem-purse. In the face of her purse having been stolen and creating a potentially dangerous monster, Honey becomes more pessimistic.

Meanwhile, Globby kidnaps Krei and takes him to the top of a skyscraper, hoping that Krei can help him learn how to better use the neurotransmitter. Big Hero 6 come to Krei's rescue, and Wasabi engages Globby in a fight, though he soon bows out when his fear of heights gets the better of him. Globby, becoming increasingly frustrated with his plans not working, threatens to throw Krei off the building. The team sees that he needs positive reassurance, but Honey does not feel she can help. Go Go soothes things over by apologizing for her criticisms on Honey's positivity; even though she finds Honey's upbeat attitude annoying, she believes it balances out her own negativity. After reconciling, Honey gives Globby a pep talk, urging him to see his current situation as a new beginning, rather than focusing on past failures. Globby is touched by her words, and lets Krei go. Immediately afterward, Krei tries to take back the neurotransmitter, but loses his footing and falls off the tower, though is saved by Globby stretching out his body to catch him. Globby is grateful that Honey believes in him, however, much to everyone's shock, he decides to become a super-villain. After stealing Krei's wallet and escaping, he embraces his new identity as Globby.


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  • The US premiere date for this episode was leaked for March 8, 2018, but Bob Schooley confirmed that this announcement was not the official premiere date.
  • The new Krei Tech headquarters Callaghan destroyed in the movie has since been rebuilt.

Revelations and Continuity

  • Honey's chem-purse is stolen and accidentally destroyed by Dibs.
    • Hiro rebuilds her a new chem-purse.
  • Dibs gets turned into a sticky, goo monster and becomes the recurring villain Globby.
  • Honey often does experiments in her dorm room, despite living with a roommate.
    • She was also not aware that she snores, thinking that her roommate was just being mean when she brought it up.


  • When Honey Lemon pops Go Go's bubblegum, her fork changes into a knife and then back to a fork.



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