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Countdown to Catastrophe is the three-part Season 1 finale of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on October 13, 2018, and is collectively the twenty-second, third and fourth episode.


Big Hero 6 face their greatest challenge as Obake unleashes his plan on San Fransokyo.


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In the final scene, Hiro and Baymax look for Obake underwater. Baymax says he still doesn't detect his body, but Hiro says it's impossible for him to have survived. However, Baymax reminds Hiro that, like he had said, "nothing is impossible". As they search for him, Obake's chip is shown at the bottom of the sea with no damage.


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  • Baymax is shown as evil again, something that first happened in the film.
  • Young Obake had been shown in previous episodes, but it was officially confirmed to be him in this episode.
  • In the promo of this episode, when Hiro finds out that Baymax has Obake's chip, he says goodbye while grabbing Hiro's arm to prevent him from removing the chip from Baymax's access port.
  • Hiro's excuse to leave the café when talking to Aunt Cass is that he was going to collect "Obakes" on his phone. This might be a reference to the popular phone app Pokémon Go.
  • For the first time in the series, the episode's name is shown in the intro.
  • Krei's sculpture from "Big Roommates 2" is seen.
    • Mini-Max also shows Krei photos of Globby from the same episode.
  • While inside the Kentucky Kaiju with Fred and Mini-Max, Hiro is wearing a seat belt that has Big Hero 6's logo.
  • One of Fred's figures closely resembled Baron Von Steamer.


  • When Professor Granville is looking at the window while she is telling Big Hero 6 about Bob Aken, Wasabi is seen wearing his visor and Hiro's helmet disappeared. When Professor Granville is looking sadly at Big Hero 6, Wasabi's visor is missing along with Hiro's helmet.



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