Disney Crossy Road is a game featuring many Disney Animation Studios themed worlds, including Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6 World

The Big Hero 6 world is based on the city of San Fransokyo, in which a selected Big Hero 6 character must cross the road and avoid being run over by trucks with boxes, trolleys, blue buses and small smart cars. Sometimes, Hiro's microbots will also replace cars and will arrive in groups. If the player does not move for too long, he will be snatched by a flying blimp which will end your round.


The characters are organized in order of rarity type. There are 24 in total.



  • Baymax
  • Wasabi Super Suit
  • Go Go Super Suit


  • Hiro Super Suit
  • Honey Lemon Super Suit
  • Baymax Super Suit


Weekend Challenge


  • Another character called Pig Hero 6 also appears in the game. He is a parody of Baymax, but is part of the Zootopia world.


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