This page is for El Fuego, the episode. For the character of the same name, see El Fuego.

"El Fuego" is the thirty-ninth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on September 9, 2019, and is the fifteenth episode of the second season.


Intent on becoming the toughest fighter in San Fransokyo, professional mech-wrestler El Fuego decides he must beat the strongest challenger he can find: Baymax.


The episode starts with Mr. Yama biding inside prison as Mega Yama arrives to break him free. Hiro and Baymax, soon joined by the rest of Big Hero 6, intercept it. Baymax defeats the robot with dual rocket fists and foils Yama's escape plan. Afterward, the team goes to a mecha-wrestling match hosted by Richardson Mole, to Fred's fury. The first round's contender, El Fuego, is pitted against Uncle Samurai. Honey Lemon becomes engrossed as the match starts, where El Fuego tosses Uncle Samurai to the crowd, then hits Uncle Samurai back with a bleacher until he is discreetly signaled by Richardson to lose the match. When the match is over, El Fuego voices his frustration of losing before Richard states it's his job as the "bad guy" to make the "good guy" look good.

Later, Honey attends another of Fuego's matches. This time, Fuego defies Richardson's orders and wins the match, though Richardson fires Fuego shortly afterward. Fuego leaves in a huff and begins modifying his mecha intent on taking down the toughest opponent he can find before he notices a news report covering Big Hero 6.

Fred confronts Richardson and tries to buy the league from him. Richardson rejects the offer while gleefully admitting he bought the league to spite Fred. Meanwhile, Fuego appears in an upgraded mecha. He challenges Baymax who refuses to fight back, prompting Fuego to fire insults at the robot. Fuego demands Baymax show up the next night for a rematch and he takes his leave. Deeply affected by Fuego's taunts towards Baymax, Hiro feels it is a spit in the face of Tadashi's work, though Baymax states Fuego's opinion doesn't matter. Soon, Fred starts a "Kaiju Space-Wrestling Federation" as revenge towards Richardson. Aunt Cass points out Fred doesn't have to give in to Richardson's taunts, to which Fred takes into consideration; a riled Hiro doesn't, however, and decides to build a Baymax-shaped mecha.

At Night Market Square, where El Fuego is waiting, Hiro—passing as Baymax—shows up and brawls El Fuego. At Lucky Cat Café, the rest of the team sees Baymax on the news and realize the imposter is Hiro. Go Go tries calling the Skymaxes, but Hiro reveals he disabled them feeling he must defend Tadashi's honor alone. The team pursues the fight in Wasabi's car. El Fuego nearly finishes Hiro off, but Baymax takes the brunt. El Fuego promptly locks Baymax in a crushing hug when Fred arrives through his modified Kaiju-Hiro exosuit and strips El Fuego of his mecha, and El Fuego pathetically stumbles over to the awaiting police. Hiro then tosses away the pieces of his mecha, reflecting that nothing can tarnish Tadashi's memory because it speaks for itself, to which Baymax remarks that Tadashi's work is now Hiro's work.


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