Energy Amplifiers are items seen in Big Hero 6: The Series that play an important role in both the first and last episodes of Season 1.


Three of them were created. The first one was created by Obake when he was a young student, but the experiment failed and blew up in his face, sending him to the hospital. The remnant of it was kept by Professor Granville as a memento, as well as a reminder of her mistake of not setting limits. She had kept it as a paperweight sculpture on the desk in her SFIT office, before it was stolen and later destroyed.

Krei Tech and many other corporate tech business tried to create energy amplifiers at one time. Alistair Krei attempted creating it by hiring the best possible scientists, but all attempts only caused fire within the warehouses they were being made. One of the destroyed remains was the inspiration and foundation of Hiro's research in creating his own Energy Amplifier.

The third one, successfully invented by super genius Hiro Hamada, is a device that initially was intended as part of Hiro's final project, but Obake stole the energy amplifier to power up a dangerous weapon at the lighthouse. Hiro eventually retrieved his device and he received an A for his successful ingenuity. Hiro turned the device over to Professor Granville who locked it in the office vault for safekeeping.


All three were meant to exponentially multiply the output of any power source. Obake's amplifier managed to do this, but not at a huge magnitude, while Hiro's amplifier could create a star from all the energy.

The items only seem to work on gigantic machines such as Kentucky Kaiju, while smaller machines overload with the energy and explode.


Season 1

Obake first hired Yama to obtain back his amplifier. Yama clashes with Hiro Hamada again after the events from the film, and tells his henchmen to threaten the boy until he sees Hiro's SFIT student ID card, so he instead gets an idea to blackmail him into retrieving the amplifier which is being kept as a paperweight on Granville's desk for him, in exchange for Baymax's body which he had captured earlier.

Hiro asks Fred for help, and both of them devise a plan to copy Granville's ID to enter her office. After they succeed, Hiro takes the paperweight and notices that is heavier than it looks. Both go back to Yama's office at Good Luck Alley, where they give Yama the item but instead of letting them go and return Baymax as promised, he tells his thugs to lock both of them up in a safe room.

Soon, Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon and Wasabi find out about this, so they break into Yama's office and defeat all the henchmen, then take Hiro, Fred, and Baymax's body away with the help of Heathcliff. Upon returning to the SFIT, Go Go, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred are angry at Hiro, but Hiro remains calm and shows them that he managed to steal the paperweight back. This impresses Go Go, but she tells him don't do it again, and the paperweight is returned to Granville's desk.

However, Yama had managed to duplicate Baymax's body and used it to create a clone army. Obake commanded him to obtain the item again and not fail this time, so Yama used the Baymax clones to attack the city as a diversion while he and some of the clones went to the SFIT to steal the paperweight sculpture himself. Hiro and friends see the Baymax clones' rampage in the news, so four of them gear up to go stop them while Hiro and Baymax go back to SFIT as Hiro needed to create a new armor for Baymax. Both of them notice Yama wandering around and one of the clones fidn them, destroying Baymax's vinyl cover before Hiro disables it, but this gives Hiro an idea and tells Baymax to blend in with the clones in order to take the sculpture before them. Yama and other clones enter Granville's office before Baymax can escape with the item, and Yama accidentally drops a book on his head while looking for the item, causing Baymax's healthcare programming to activate and blow his cover. Yama orders the clone bots to attack Baymax while he takes the amplifier, but Hiro enters and launches Baymax's rocket punch at him, making him drop the paperweight and causing it to crack open. Both of them watch as the item releases a green light and attach itself to one of the Baymax clones. The clone overloads with the sculpture's energy, tossing Baymax out the window before exploding. While Hiro tried to save Baymax from falling, Yama put the item in his pocket and ran away.

During his escape, Yama calls Obake asking why he didn't tell him about the item's true nature, but Obake said he shouldn't be asking questions and simply do the job. After hanging up the call, Yama's pocket is burnt by the item and falls on an escalator, making the technological device to overload as well and causing Yama to fall. The sculpture then attaches itself to a passing train and causes it to go at a dangerously high speed. Fortunately, Hiro and his team manage to stop the train before anyone could get hurt, and then Hiro and Baymax take the item high above to finally destroy it. Following this, the team officially becomes known as Big Hero 6, but at the same time, Obake investigates about them for having foiled his plan.

In the episode "Mini-Max", Granville starts to act suspiciously and Hiro notices this, remembering the paperweight item which further made him question Granville's actions. When both of them were stuck in a classroom due to an attack by the hacked Security System Robots, Granville reveals to Hiro her side of Bob Aken's accident.

Six months after the destruction of Obake's amplifier, at the end of the first semester at SFIT, Obake has finished a machine to wipe out San Fransokyo, but was still missing the energy amplifier he wanted in the first place to power up the machine. Having learned much about Hiro, Obake carefully lays out a plan to influence him into creating a new amplifier for him: He purposely makes Hiro miss out on creating a final project for his semester by sending out Globby to steal a Krei Tech briefcase which Hiro and Baymax go retrieve. Globby deliberately leaves the case behind and escapes, so Hiro returns the briefcase to Alistair Krei, who reveals to him that its content was also a failed energy amplifier attempt by Krei Tech's scientists, but it was useless now and the project was ultimately considered impossible.

Obake succeeds, as Hiro is tempted to create a working amplifier where Krei had failed for his semester project. He starts working on it, focusing so much that he inadvertently forgets about his friends and superhero duty. Baymax however advises Hiro that it is too dangerous to proceed with the project as it could result wrong in many ways, but Hiro decides to ignore the warnings. Eventually, Granville learns that Hiro is trying to recreate the same project as Bob Aken, so she panics and immediately tells Hiro that his project is rejected and will have to look for something else to present. Despite this, Hiro also ignores her and continues his work to prove her wrong.

When the energy amplifier is finished, Hiro tests it on his computer, his cell phone and a vending machine, although all tech overloads with energy and nearly blow up. Hiro also hides the amplifier from Granville, intending to show it at the SFIT's Open House Expo for the semester end to surprise her. When Fred tells Hiro that he ordered a new Kentucky Kaiju mech, Hiro decides to test it on the gigantic robot to see if it could tolerate all the energy. The test is successful and Hiro keeps the amplifier at his SFIT lab. As the presentation day arrives, Hiro is suddenly alerted by Baymax that "Obake was nearby". Unknown to Hiro however, Baymax had been hijacked by Noodle Burger Boy, who inserted one of Obake's chips inside him a few days prior when Hiro was too focused on his amplifier that he missed out on helping his friends. Baymax convinced Hiro to miss the presentation because it was the perfect moment to ambush Obake, manipulating his emotions by claiming it is for the greater good and it's what Tadashi would have wanted it. Upon arriving to Obake's presumed location, Hiro and Baymax instead find a robot decoy that fights them while Globby, Noodle Burger Boy and Momakase arrive at the SFIT and distract the rest of Big Hero 6 while Obake steals Hiro's amplifier from his own former lab. Hiro and Baymax arrive too late as the villains escape, and Granville meets with Big Hero 6, revealing that she already knew their identities, and telling them about her past mistakes when Obake was her student.

Back at Lucky Cat Café, Hiro feels pain from the fight he had earlier against Robot Obake, but notices Baymax isn't reacting to his pain with his healthcare protocol. He becomes suspicious and opens up his access port, noticing the evil chip within him. Before he can take it out, however, Baymax becomes aggressive and grabs Hiro's arm to prevent him from removing it, then suits up and kidnaps Hiro, taking him to Obake's lair, where Obake himself welcomes Hiro and reveals his plan to him. Obake gives Hiro the chance to become his "student", but he refuses so he is instead thrown into a prison cell by the reprogrammed Baymax. Obake gives Noodle Burger Boy the energy amplifier to turn his machine on and achieve his goal. Globby learns about the nature of Obake's plan, but he believes it is too insane and has a change of heart, betraying Obake and helping Hiro escape.

Globby and Hiro go back to Lucky Cat Café to get Hiro's armor and warn the rest of Big Hero 6. Since Baymax was still under Obake's control, Hiro uses Skymax to fly to the lighthouse where Obake's machine was built, removing the amplifier from it. With Skymax's help, Hiro retrieves it and rejoins his friends and Globby, but they notice that despite the amplifier being out already, the machine had become self-sustaining, so Hiro has to think another way to stop it. He quickly remembers Fred's Kentucky Kaiju and reasons that a force of equal strength would counteract the shockwave created by the machine, so he, Fred and Mini-Max use the Kentucky Kaiju mech to stop the machine while the rest of the team evacuated civilians. After managing to counter the shockwave and putting an end to Obake's plan, Obake becomes too despondent to see his dream fall apart, so he frees Baymax from his control, and even though Baymax offered to help him escape, Obake refused and stayed at his crumbling lair, leaving his fate unknown.

In the aftermath, Hiro hands over his energy amplifier to Granville, having learned from his mistakes. Granville hides it away in a safe at her office to keep it out of the wrong hands; giving Hiro an "A" for his final project, and for saving the city, while Hiro thanks her for teaching him about limits.

Season 3

A device similar to Hiro's amplifier is seen in "The Dog Craze of Summer". Oppenheimer fetches it from an unknown place, and Fred throws it, causing an explosion with it.

However, Hiro's own amplifier is later shown in "Noodle Burger Ploy" when he is apparently using it to upgrade Baymax. Noodle Fred, an impostor clone of Fred created by Noodle Burger Boy, goes to visit Hiro to ask about the location of their secret base and blow it up, but Hiro is too busy upgrading Baymax to pay attention and notice that he is a fake. Hiro hands Noodle Fred his amplifier, telling him to hold it for a moment, but this causes Noodle Fred to overload with energy, so he decides to leave and try tricking someone else, tossing the amplifier back at Hiro's hand.


  • Hiro's energy amplifier made an appearance in the first Big Chibi 6: The Series short titled "Making Popcorn", seen powering Obake's lighthouse machine to create a sun and it can make corn grow from the ground. Due to the Chibi shorts' style being more comical and exaggerated, this can be considered not canon to the rest of the series, as well as the fact it would otherwise be contradictory to what was seen in "Countdown to Catastrophe".


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