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"Fan Friction" is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 from Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on August 18, 2018.


When Karmi starts posting fan fiction about Big Hero 6, depicting Hiro as her boyfriend, Hiro is embarrassed and wants her to stop. However, her imagination winds up coming in handy when she is kidnapped by the villainess Momakase.


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  • The names Karmi assigns to the members of Big Hero 6 in her fanfiction are as follows:
    • Chop-Chop for Wasabi
    • Speed Queen for Go Go Tomago
    • Flame Jumper for Fred
    • Tall Girl for Honey Lemon
    • Red Panda for Baymax
    • Captain Cutie for Hiro Hamada
  • The fan-fiction narration sequences reference several anime traits.
    • Karmi and Big Hero 6 are portrayed in Chibi style and the characters give off anime shocked faces.
    • Baymax's "Overdrive Mode" transformation is similar to the transformation sequences seen in anime. The "Chibi" version of the transformation references the Sailor Moon sequence in particular.
    • When "Captain Cutie" is introduced as a muscular figure, it is a reference to the character All-Might from My Hero Academia.[2]
  • Bandai released collectible figures inspired by the Chibi versions of the characters.
  • A series of short videos done in Chibi form was also released, titled Big Chibi 6: The Series.


  • When Hiro practices his speech with Wasabi, Wasabi's headband is green at first but when his face is up-close it is red.
  • After Wasabi cuts the fence, Karmi's ponytail turns black, and changes back to brown in the next scene.



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