"Fear Not" is the forty-eighth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on February 1, 2020 and is the twenty-third episode in the second season.


Supersonic Stu busts his grandmother, Supersonic Sue, out of prison; at school, Professor Granville asks Wasabi, who fears public speaking, to sub for an absent teaching assistant.


Supersonic Stu rolls in through the city to the police station, prepares himself, and busts down the wall of the prison, but his head gets stuck, to his dismay. Supersonic Sue comes over, as he breaks down the entire wall. He opens a bag he has on hand, revealing Sue's gear, to her delight. They bust out of the prison and are confronted by Buddy Guards. Teaming up, they're able to defeat them and escape into the city.

Meanwhile, at SFIT, the team is doing their own thing, when Baymax announces its's time for a standing break. Then, Professor Granville calls for Wasabi in a video call. She tells him that the teaching assistant for first-year quantum optics is absent for a family emergency, and needs Wasabi to fill in. She's even in the room to give him many books, including student bios. Wasabi feels terribly nervous at this, due to his fear of public speaking, as he curls up on the floor. He tries some yoga after Baymax suggests it, but it backfires when he imagines being in front of a large crowd. Fred is streaming him at this moment, to his chagrin, but then learns that Supersonic Sue busted out of prison.

Outside the prison, Chief Cruz, upset over Sue's escape, complains to Alistair Krei about how the Buddy Guards failed to prevent breakouts. Krei, seeing this as an opportunity, promises to Cruz to have his team at Krei Tech come up with "something bigger, better, and obscenely expensive."

At the Big Hero 6 base, Basemax tracks down Sue's location and informs the team that she now has an accomplice. Sue and Stu are looking for their own lair, when the team, minus Wasabi, confront them. They're introduced to Stu and learn about his signature move. Sue and Stu gain the upper hand; when the cops come, Big Hero 6 escape. After hiding back in the alley with Stu, Sue decides to kidnap Roddy Blair, so he would make a lair for them.

Meanwhile, Wasabi walks into his classroom, keeping his gaze on the floor. When one student asks why he's looking down, he looks up to answer but starts to freeze up. Granville comes to him 6 hours after the class ended, and says that the first-time teachers always succumb to stage fright. At HQ, the team trains to quicken their reflexes against Sue and Stu. Wasabi asks Go Go Tomago asks how she's so confident, and she encourages him to be himself and to think that he likes public speaking. He's reluctant but falls for her reverse psychology.

The next day, Wasabi goes in again, telling himself that he loves public speaking, he's good at it, and people are inspired by his words. But he starts daydreaming about becoming the greatest professor at SFIT; including giving As out, helping with a baking soda volcano, clearing up a disorganized guy's desk, sitting with students at lunch, helping a guy during a test, shielding a girl from the rain with an umbrella when she dropped her papers, revealing he's staying at SFIT, getting a diploma with his pupils, earning a reward for his teaching (Best Professor at SFIT), and even looking through the student yearbook and admiring a statue of himself on campus in his senior years. Turns out, he stayed 6 hours after class again. He walks into the main lab, feeling down about freezing up again, especially since Fred streamed him again, so Baymax later helps him out.

In Fred's room, Baymax recommends envisioning a peaceful beach, but Wasabi starts imagining a conga line of people wanting him to be the lead, freaking him out again. So Fred leads a blindfolded Wasabi to a high tower in the city but ends up terrorizing him. At HQ, Hiro and Honey Lemon use Simmax to help Wasabi get over his stage fright, but when the students are simulated, they glitch out until only their eyeballs are shown, which come towards Wasabi when Hiro tries to fix it, so he is scared again. In the Conference Room, he's folding origami swans when the team apologizes; he says he needs to figure out his problem on his own but appreciates their support. They get a pre-recorded video call from Roddy, telling them that he's been abducted. The team leaves to rescue him, but Wasabi has to stay behind for another class.

Wasabi tries again and introduces himself. He then opens his satchel, and Mini-Max jumps out. With the students listening to Wasabi while looking at Mini-Max dancing, he's able to make it through without freezing up, starting a lecture about photons.

Elsewhere, Sue and Stu have Roddy tied to a chair. Roddy doesn't build lairs for villains anymore, considering he had been stiffed before, but Sue threatens him into making an exception. He's appalled by the warehouse they're in, so they try different warehouses until Big Hero 6 comes to rescue Roddy. Sue and Stu have the upper hand, and soon trap the team under rubble.

Meanwhile, Wasabi bursts into the Conference Room with Mini-Max, telling the team that he was able to teach the class, but they're still gone. Basemax informs him that they've been gone for 30 minutes, concerning him. He suits up and goes with Mini-Max to rescue them. He drives to the warehouse, and forms a plan with Mini-Max, while Roddy is stalling. Wasabi pretends to surrender, and give Sue and Stu their HQ, and brings them to an abandoned deli. Turns out, the police are there to arrest them! Buddy Guards tie the duo up, but Wasabi is too. Sue demands Wasabi to say something, but he's too nervous. Mini-Max distracts the cops long enough, so he turns Wasabi invisible with a flexible display cloth, allowing them to escape.

At the police station, while Sue and Stu are arrested, Krei calls Cruz with something he thinks will interest him: Buddy Guardians.


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  • It is revealed that Wasabi has glossophobia (fear of public speaking), but he's able to overcome it.
  • When Supersonic Stu searches for a hideout, he uses "VillainBnB", which is a parody of Airbnb—a lodging company based in real-life San Francisco.
  • Running Gags: Roddy bringing up a potential danger in a warehouse, and scaring Stu off, followed by an annoyed Sue saying "Moving on"; Fred live-streaming Wasabi.


  • When Hiro says "You should stay still" to Wasabi, his mouth isn't moving. It was fixed on Disney+.


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