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This page is for Fred, the character from Disney's Big Hero 6 franchise. For the character from the manga adaptation, see Fred (manga). For the Marvel Comics character he was inspired by, see Fredzilla.
The name's Fred; school mascot by day, but by night... I'm also the school mascot.

Frederick Flamarion "Fred" Frederickson IV is a major character in Big Hero 6. He is a member of the superhero team Big Hero 6.


Fred is the son of a wealthy couple from the city of San Fransokyo. He was named after his father Frederick Frederickson III, who was a famous superhero known as Boss Awesome during his youth, but retired from his career before his son was born, deciding to keep his alter-ego a secret from him. Despite being unaware of his father's past, Fred took a deep interest in superheroes and other forms of fiction from a young age and he usually fantasized about it. This behavior, however, also caused problems—especially for his mother, as she often took Fred to fancy events that typically ended in disaster due to Fred trying to emulate fictional characters and monsters. These actions also started a rivalry between Mrs. Frederickson and Binky Mole, as Mrs. Frederickson always tried to impress Binky in every possible occasion. Eventually, the rivalry grew and more members of the Mole family despised the Fredericksons.

At the same time, Heathcliff—a close friend of Mr. Frederickson during his superhero years who also worked as the family's personal butler—watched Fred grow and looked after him his whole life. At 8-years-old, Fred had a toy car lodged in his ear canal which was never removed and he blames it for messing with his equilibrium[3]. During his teen years, Fred's parents started to spend less time with him, as they often had to leave for business or went on vacations to the family-owned private isles. It is then that Fred and Heathcliff became closer friends, though Heathcliff always stayed professional and continued to refer to him as "Master Frederick". When Mr. and Mrs. Frederickson are away, Fred and Heathcliff are left in charge of the family mansion and their vast wealth, and so the young man is free to spend its resources however he pleases. Most of the time, he uses the opportunity to indulge his obsession with comic books, Japanese monsters and movies, and other interests.

Fred also enjoyed watching the TV shows Bright Lights, Loud Noises and Wendy Wower's Science Hour since his childhood, still being a fan of both shows in his current age, despite the fact they are programs for younger kids. Both programs drew Fred into science—though he did not obtain any scientific knowledge from them whatsoever. Instead, Fred attended SF State as an English major, where he took full advantage of their "Two Schools, One City" credit-exchange program by auditing a dozen of their best survey courses, and dedicated an extraordinary amount of time to charity and volunteer work for organizations such as Brothers From Other Mothers, Habitat For Families, SF Food Pantry and many others[2]. At some point he also learned to play sitar[4]. Yet, Fred eventually decided to apply at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology for the position of Mascot, rather than student, as a way to express his "passion" for science (although this seems to be towards science-fiction and not actual science). With the help of a recommendation letter from SF State and his parents donating a large sum of money to SFIT, Fred was admitted into the prestigious university even with his lack of scientific knowledge.

Upon joining SFIT, Fred befriended Tadashi Hamada, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, with the last three receiving their respective nicknames from Fred: for example, Wasabi spilled wasabi on his shirt a single time, but the nickname stuck ever since. Despite his wealth, Fred never once bragged about it to his new friends, with Go Go even concluding that Fred lived under a bridge because he had poor hygiene. Fred also learned about the school rivalry between SFIT and the San Fransokyo Art Institute, participating in their yearly "rivalry week" and coming to despise SFAI's mascot, Sabatini the Sea Snail.

The Frederickson-Mole feud also continued when Richardson Mole became Fred's rival (although Richardson is far younger than Fred) as both shared the same interests in comics, but constantly tormented one another. Richardson was also presumed to cut the electricity at Fred's house one time when Fred was about to win an online auction, because Richardson ended up winning instead.


An enthusiastic comic book fan, Fred is incredibly eccentric, zany, childish, and rather boisterous. Nevertheless, he has a very lovable and friendly persona, with his own sense of humor and is extremely laid-back, especially when compared to his friends. Due to his nature, he is quite optimistic and not prone to panic easily, so he can see the brighter side of things, even in the midst of a disaster. Though the other members of the team ultimately care a great deal for Fred, they have found him to be overbearing with his erratic quirks, especially Wasabi and Go Go, the former finding Fred's lack of regard borderline annoying and the latter seeing him as an idiot.

He is shown to be a huge otaku and fanatic of all things heroic, fantastic, and monstrous. He indulges in collecting a variety of memorabilia devoted to comic books and Japanese entertainment in his room. He also has a habit of calling out his attacks in battle, like that of an anime hero. Another of his "fanboy" characteristics is that he likes to make up "shipping names", which is merging two person's names together to refer to them if they were a couple.

Though his intelligence is not as high as his teammates and his understanding of science is mildly questionable, he is not an idiot and is studying English instead of science, which requires clear logical thought. And being the only human member who is not a scientist on the team, Fred is often also the one constituent of Big Hero 6 most likely to think "outside of the box" if circumstances be willing. What he lacks in scientific knowledge, he makes up with acute and deductive reasoning due to his passion and he can quickly analyze the circumstances of the situation from his knowledge of comic books and storytelling, giving him an unorthodox, but valuable way of thinking for the team. Because of this, Fred could well be a genius in his own field.

Because of his eccentric behavior, he has a lack of hygiene and all of Big Hero 6 was surprised by the fact he was wealthy. Go Go even sarcastically stated she thought he lived under a bridge.

Despite his energetic and positive personality, it is shown that Fred tends to get lonely because his parents are not always around as they are usually on vacation. Fred most likely hangs out with his friends because they are like a second family to him and keep him company. Although he is wealthy, Fred is also incredibly generous and charitable, according to tie-in material he participates in charity work during his spare time and allows his friends to stay in his mansion to rest and train their abilities.

Fred is also a compulsive eater; whenever he feels guilty or too angry, he eats crackers in a nervous and fast way.

Physical Appearance

Fred is a tall, shaggy, often hunched and lean young man with light brown hair and blue eyes with an overall unkempt appearance. His casual outfit consists of a white long-sleeved undershirt, a light red T-shirt with a Japanese kaiju monster imprint, dark green OD cargo shorts, and white grime-covered sneakers with dark green laces. He also wears a teal hat with a monster's face and a small Kentucky Kaiju-inspired pendant around his neck.

Fred has worn similar clothes ever since he was a child, including his hat. He only changes his underwear once every few months and turns them inside out. It is hinted that his father taught him this because both said the phrase "I wear 'em front, I wear 'em back, I go inside out, then I go front and back" at the same time when Mr. Frederickson showed one of his superhero briefs.

In his superhero form, he wears a battlesuit designed after a traditional Kaiju monster, particularly his favorite kaiju Krogar. The beast's skin has the colors blue and orange with limbs of a lighter shade of blue. On its body are flame-shaped spines and a back covered in spikes. In addition to having black, spiky, claw-like nails, the suit has a tail with similar features, while its head has two sets of horns and three fierce-looking eyes (with the top one acting as Fred's access to vision). Its four-fanged "mouth" is the only opening the suit has. The soles of the suit's feet enable Fred to perform high jumps.

Powers and Abilities

If I could have any superpower right now, it would be to be able to go through that camera & give you a big hug.

―Fred, talking with Hiro over a videocall

Out of all the members of Big Hero 6, Fred has only average intelligence. However, Fred's "Fredzilla" super suit is designed to look like a Kaiju (or Japanese monster) and gifts him abilities similar to one.

  • Multilingualism: Besides English, Fred can also speak Spanish, though it appears he is still learning it since in the film, he says "mi casa," claiming it is French and translates it incorrectly, thinking it means "front door" when in reality it means "my house." However, later on, he correctly says words or phrases in different occasions like calling his mother "madre" and saying "caliente, muy caliente" when eating hot nachos; coincidentally enough, Karmi gave her fictionalized version of Fred (Flame Jumper) the catchphrase "Things are about to get muy caliente."
  • Encyclopedic comic book knowledge: Fred is profound in comic book fiction, from being able to readily identify comic book tropes to quickly realizing underlying narrative of the situation at hand. In addition, Fred is an English major, giving him a talent for understanding fiction and writing. Surprisingly enough, many times his knowledge on comic tropes has helped the team in finding and stopping villains.
  • Spinning skills: As the school mascot, Fred is extremely dexterous and fast with spinning signs. When spinning a metal board to fight off swarms of Microbots, this skill becomes surprisingly effective. Lighting a board on fire and twirling it at high speeds also makes it a formidable weapon.
  • Dancing capabilities: He learns dance styles from Baymax's dance mode for his bro-tillion. Fred can use these moves to evade attacks.
  • Tickling maneuver: A badly executed version of his father's "Five Finger Poke" move, which he uses to tickle instead of causing paralysis, even though it can incapacitate the opponent due to how much laughter it causes them.

With the suit, Fred gains the following abilities.

  • Super-Jumping: The endo- and exo-skeleton enables Fred to jump incredibly high.
  • Claws: The suit's claws can be used for attacks.
  • Fire Breath: The suit has a flamethrower installed just below Fred's chest, and is released from the mouth of the suit. The flames are quite heated, being hot enough to melt steel.
    • Smokescreen: Fred can generate smoke from his flamethrower.
  • Night Vision: The suit's lens helps Fred see in darker areas.
  • Flame Resistance: The suit is woven from Kevlar material, making it fireproof to protect Fred from flames generated by his flamethrower or from other sources.

In his Ultra Armor, Fred additionally obtains more abilities:

  • Headlights: The upgraded version of the ultra armor provides Fred with headlight panels extending from the armor's back. These panels can temporarily blind anyone who looks at them.
  • Sound amplifier: Fred's suit can pick up sounds from a distance and play them back in a recording, giving him virtual super-hearing.

While using his Fredmeleon suit, he obtains different abilities than the kaiju suit.

  • Camouflage: It allows him to turn invisible or change his suit's appearance. In Fred the Fugitive it shown if his invisibly is shorted out then he’ll be locked in.
  • Adhesive/Prehensile tongue: The tongue is very long and can be shot like a harpoon to instantly stick onto whatever it hits, allowing him to ensnare enemies.
  • Prehensile tail: The tail can be used to grip and hold onto anything.
  • Wall-sticking: Enables Fred to climb walls.

Battle Suits

Fred has used different suits for special occasions.

  • Fredzilla Suit: His default suit that protects him and grants him abilities. Uses it while on superhero duty.
  • Ultra Armor: Fred and Big Hero 6 were given upgraded titanium armors so they could fight a monster who had attacked the team. Fred's armor was nearly the same than his first suit, but was silver and the spikes on the back could retract. In Season 2, this armor is repainted, where the suit is now black and the crest is blue.
  • Boss Awesome Armor: Fred wore his father's costume to trick Baron Von Steamer into believing he was Boss Awesome.
  • Fredmeleon Suit: A new suit that gives him abilities based on a chameleon's capabilities, but doesn't include the Kaiju suit's powers. The suit uses Flexible Display Technology to camouflage.
  • Kentucky Kaiju Suit: A suit identical to Kentucky Kaiju which Fred used for practice with his teammates.
Battle Suits


Ha-ha! Can you feel it? You guys do you feel this? Our origin story begins. We're gonna be superheroes!

―Fred, excited on becoming a superhero

One night, at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Fred is in the midst of practicing his mascot routines in the school's student lab, when he meets the younger brother of his friend Tadashi, Hiro Hamada. Upon inquiring the fanboy's major, Fred explains he is not a student, but a major science enthusiast, nonetheless. Fred then begins to reminisce the occasions he asked Honey to concoct a formula capable of turning him into a fire-breathing lizard, and the occasion he asked Wasabi to create a shrink ray, only to have his requests rebuffed, leading him to come up with yet another idea: an invisible sandwich, much to the annoyance of his friends. As time would pass, Fred and the others would come to befriend Hiro, spending time with the young genius on occasion, alongside Tadashi, specifically to help create his latest invention, the Microbots, which he hopes will grant him enrollment within the university by showcasing it to the school's head professor, Robert Callaghan. On the night of the convention, Fred tags along to give support, having incredible faith in Hiro and the Microbots. Fortunately, the inventions are a success, but they catch the eye of tech-guru, Alistair Krei, who expresses interest in purchasing the creations, only to gain rejection much to his dismay.

After Krei's departure and Hiro's enrollment letter is bestowed, Fred and the others head to the Lucky Cat Café for free celebratory dinner, courtesy of Hiro and Tadashi's aunt, Cass, much to Fred's excitement. Unfortunately, that same night, Tadashi was killed in a horrible fire whilst trying to save Professor Callaghan from a burning building. Fred and the others give their support to the Hamada family during the dark hours, whilst also offering to take Hiro under their wings, wanting him to join their side at the university. Unfortunately, their calls are ignored, and Hiro remains in despair, alone.

One night, Fred and the others are contacted by Tadashi's healthcare robot, Baymax, who believed having his friends over would help Hiro in overcoming his depression. When the friends make their way to the Hamada household, they find Hiro and Baymax wandering about the streets. They then learn that Hiro's Microbots were stolen by a villainous man wearing a mask, named Yokai, and the former and Baymax were in the process of tracking him down. Just then, Yokai attacks and a car chase ensues. While the team is oblivious to the villain's drive to kill them, Fred (who takes joy in being part of an intense action scene) channels his love of comics and quickly figures they've seen too much, leaving them targets for Yokai's wrath.

Nevertheless, the group manages to escape, finding themselves accidentally thrown off the road and into a bay. Sensing Hiro's need for warm shelter, Baymax requests a place of refuge, and Fred takes his friends to a mansion in the middle of the city, which he claims to be his home. Believing it to be a joke, Go Go stresses her frustration, until Fred's butler, Heathcliff, arrives and welcomes the team in. The group then engage themselves in a brief tour of the beautiful home, led by Fred, until they're guided to the former's private quarters; a lounge room filled with collectible figures of comic characters, statues, arcade games, and mildly unsettling "self-portraits" of Fred, himself. Once settled, Hiro ponders on the identity of Yokai, though the team is at a loss for answers. Fred, however, believes the culprit to be Alistair Krei, referencing his desires to buy Hiro's Microbots at the science fair. Fred's ideas are rejected by the other members, however, who believe Krei is too high-profile for such sinister plots. Just then, Baymax reveals to hold information that allows him to track Yokai and find his location, leaving Hiro to express the idea of turning himself and his friends into a team of heroes in order to catch him.

Unlike the rest of the team, Fred immediately agrees to the idea, excitably expressing his love for the concept and allows the friends to use his home as a training ground. Because of his love of Japanese monsters, Fred is given a battle suit with the appearance of a Kaiju and the ability to breath fire. After some training with the help of Heathcliff, the team heads to an abandoned island, where Yokai is thought to be hidden. The objective is to remove Yokai's kabuki mask. This will not only reveal his identity but cease his control over the Microbots. As the team sneaks inside, Fred sings his own theme music (much to the annoyance of Wasabi) until they manage to find a large device in the mix of restoration. Through a series of recorded footage, the device is revealed to be a teleportation portal built by Alistair Krei, which was destroyed after a terrible accident resulting in the supposed death of a girl named Abigail. Before they can see more, Yokai attacks, and Fred immediately jumps into battle, only to be defeated instantly. Eventually, Yokai is uncovered by Hiro and revealed to be Callaghan.

According to the professor, he used Hiro's Microbots to escape his death, meaning Tadashi's death was for nothing. Blaming the professor for the death of his brother, Hiro corrupts Baymax and orders the robot to kill the villain, prompting Fred, Go Go, and Wasabi to intervene, knowing murder is never the answer. Callaghan manages to escape just as Honey's able to restore Baymax and a frustrated Hiro leaves the island, leaving his friends stranded. Fortunately, Fred is able to contact Heathcliff, who rescues the group on the family helicopter.

Once they return home, Hiro, Fred, and the others are able to reconcile. Afterward, they reveal to have found another piece of footage from the island, where it is revealed Abigail was Callaghan's daughter. Fred immediately points out the fact that Callaghan's madness is driven by revenge upon Krei and the friends rush out to save the tycoon at his headquarters. After a brief battle, Callaghan captures each member of the team, grabbing Fred by all limbs of his suit; hoping to brutally rip the boy apart. Realizing it is only a suit, Fred manages to escape and uses the skills of his time as a mascot to destroy Callaghan's Microbots, leaving the latter powerless. Before the portal meant to destroy Krei's building destroys itself, Baymax senses life within the machine and rushes inside along with Hiro to retrieve the civilian. While Baymax loses his life, Hiro returns with the survivor, Abigail, who is taken into medical care, whilst Callaghan is arrested.

After Callaghan's downfall and the safety of San Fransokyo is restored, Fred and the others return to their normal lives, happily welcoming Hiro into San Fransokyo Tech as an official student and taking him on a tour. Over time, Hiro finds out he can rebuild Baymax because his healthcare chip was saved.

Despite agreeing to go back to their regular lives, Fred still believed the team should go out and fight supervillains, and one night when Hiro stayed at the SFIT to create Baymax's new body, Fred met with the rest of the team to have them go on "night patrol", although they tell him that the superhero deal was a one-time thing and did not want to lose anyone else than Baymax. Still, Fred insists and convinces them, then they go out and stop a car going at high speed, only to be embarrassed when they find out it was a pregnant woman being driven to the hospital. Fred goes back to his mansion and stands on top of the roof under the rain, monologuing to himself about the superhero life.

Hiro is successfully able to recreate Baymax, but before he can upload his old memories, the body goes haywire and ends up caught by Mr. Yama and his thugs. Hiro is blackmailed by Yama, and so he goes to Fred's mansion and asks him for help. With the help of Fred, Hiro gets access to Professor Granville's office and takes a paperweight from her desk. Both then go to Yama's office and give him the item, but instead of giving back Baymax like he promised, captures both Fred and Hiro in a safe room.

The rest of the team are alerted of this by Baymax's consciousness in a computer, and they go rescue Fred, Hiro and the Baymax body whilst suited up, again helped by Heathcliff in the helicopter to escape, then Hiro returned the item to Granville's office. Fred designed a superhero signal (that mistakenly said "Halp" instead of "Help") for whenever they were needed and showed to Go Go, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, but once more they refused to keep being superheroes.

Fred then revealed he had come up with the name "Big Hero 6" for the team after he had thought up many names but felt that one suited best, and despite his friends still refusing, he went to Tadashi's lab and talked with Hiro and Baymax about it, claiming that the rest did like the name. Hiro makes a new superhero chip for Baymax which Fred admired, but then Professor Granville entered the lab and told Hiro he had to take the choice whether to become a good student or follow Fred's path, talking about him negatively.

Hiro decides to listen to Granville and continues studying the following days, despite Fred's efforts into dragging him to become a superhero. Later, the lonely Fred uses his superhero signal but feels down, thinking there really might not be anything else they could fight against. Not long after though, an army of Baymax Clones are revealed to have been created by Yama, and the robots attack San Fransokyo while Yama steals the paperweight himself. The superhero team is reformed to beat Yama and the Baymaxes, and then stop a full-speed train when the mysterious item breaks and releases a powerful energy that overcharges it. The team destroy the item and officially become the Big Hero 6, with Fred rejoining his friends to protect the city from any and all dangers; mostly in honor of the aspiring Tadashi whose dream was to help people.

In the film's post-credits, Fred is at his house, staring at the portrait of his parents to cope with his familial loneliness. Wondering how his father would feel if he knew of the events that recently occurred, Fred lets out his feelings in front of the portrait, until he accidentally uncovers a secret passageway leading into a technological lair, filled with weapons, gadgetry, and a superhero outfit. Astonished, Fred takes a quick look around, until his father suddenly arrives and reveals his secret life as a superhero to his son. Fred embraces his father out of excitement and joy before the latter explains they have a lot to talk about.


Originally in Marvel Comics, Fred was a descendant of the Ainu, grew up in a S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Japan, and was the last member to join the Big Hero 6 team. He had the ability to summon a giant dinosaur aura, but the origin of this power was a mystery. Yet, due to it he was given the codename "Fredzilla", although he actually disliked being called that.

Different ideas were considered to carry Fred's original comic powers to the movie with more realism: one of them was the use of nanotechnology, and the production team took a trip to UCLA's nanotechnology labs to see how he could use it[6]. Another idea was the concept of Fred being able to use hard-light monster holograms for combat[7]. However, it was ultimately decided to give him super-jump and fire abilities.

Inspiration for Fred's super-suit came from the wrestling group Kaiju Big Battel.[6]

In some early stages of the plot, Fred was originally going to be a lab rat for Tadashi, according to a 2013 video from Rotoscopers. The video also depicted Fred as making monster movies about himself in a rubber suit stomping down on cardboard boxes when no one was looking, similar to Kaiju Big Battel.


  • According to his SFIT recommendation letter, Fred was recommended by R. Richards to T. Dugan, who, in Marvel Comics, are the alternate identities of Mr. Fantastic and Dum Dum Dugan, respectively.
    • In the letter, Fred's surname had the initial L[2], but this is retconned in "Baymax Returns", and instead, Fred reveals that his surname is Frederickson after he and Hiro go to Yama's hideout.
    • This surname also appears in the mobile game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.
  • The kanji on Fred's shirt is the Japanese word "kaiju" (怪獣), which means "strange beast" or "giant beast" in Japanese. The word is also the term for the Japanese movie monster genre and characters, such as Godzilla.
  • He can play the guitar, as well as the sitar.
  • He is shown to be ticklish in "Aunt Cass Goes Out".
  • Before Hiro, Fred's closest friendship seemed to be Honey Lemon, as both are the most cheerful and optimistic among the team. She is also the only one not annoyed with Fred or considers him an "idiot" and tolerates his antics in stride. The two are also enthusiastic about science and have given each other nicknames (Fred gave her the nickname Honey Lemon while she calls him Freddie).
  • In Kingdom Hearts III, an alternate version of Fred is given ice powers along with his fire powers and combines them together to make a combo move of the two elements, as his suit's regular abilities have no effect on the Heartless.
    • Before Fred told Sora, Donald, and Goofy that he is a human who wears a kaiju-like suit, Sora had thought that he was one of the monsters from Monstropolis, as both Fred's suit and Sulley's fur are blue and have sharp claws.



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