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This page is for Fredzilla, the character from Marvel Comics. For the character from the film, see Fred.
Dual loyalties, man. Yes, I'm part of Big Hero 6—but I'm also a student coach. You guys made your point, it's time for you to stop.

Fred, also known as Fredzilla, is a member of the third version of the Japanese superhero team Big Hero 6.


Fred is a descendant of the Ainu, a group of indigenous people of Japan, and grew up on a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Hokkaido, Japan.

At some point he started to live in the town of Southport, New York, and work0ed at the local high school as the student coach for the school's team: the Southport Raiders.


Fred is presented as a serious, reserved and somewhat mysterious person who doesn't smile much, and dislikes playing around or getting in conflict, although he doesn't like losing when he does engage in fights—yet he is also willing to stop them if it's done peacefully. On certain occasions he is more laid-back.

When Wasabi teased Hiro for crushing on Marys Iosama, Fred disliked the comment and said it wasn't funny.

He doesn't show off his powers unless it's necessary, which initially caused his teammates to be skeptical about them, but once he finally showed them, they became shocked or scared as they found it unbelievable.


Fred has black hair that's slightly long, but he typically wears a grey Beanie or other headgear so only strands of it are visible. He owns an orange shirt that (ironically) has a picture of Devil Dinosaur in it.

Eventually, he was also given an orange-and-black armored suit that slightly resembles the Go-Go Tomago armor.

Powers and abilities

  • Monster Aura Generation: Like his nickname suggests, Fred has the ability to summon a colossal Godzilla-like aura. This aura acts as a sentient armor to protect him from attacks and reinforce Fred with strength and stamina used to deliver powerful blows and brute force. The aura can change its size, though it still enhances Fred's physical abilities even when used at less than half its full size. The exact origin of this power is a mystery, and apparently he can also control who can see the aura.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: As an "initiation" test at Big Hero 6, Go-Go and Honey Lemon tried to attack Fred by surprise, but he proved to have superior reflexes as he managed to stop Go-Go's punch and at the same time grab the two plates he was holding before they fell to the floor.


Following the departure of Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre from Big Hero 6, the team search for new recruits, with Fred apparently being a potential candidate already. Wasabi No-Ginger joins the team in Japan, but shortly after, an attack to the Tesuka Advanced Science Institute and a bank heist happen simultaneously, but the 5-member team manage to stop it. Furi Wamu, the overseer of Big Hero 6, reveals that a mysterious crystal artifact had been stolen, and takes the team to New York to protect another crystal as she had already experienced their power and wanted to deal with it personally without the Americans or any other party finding out.

In New York, they meet their new and final teammate Fred while they also stay at some house to appear like normal citizens. He briefly gets into a fight with Go-Go Tomago and Honey Lemon during the team's breakfast because the girls wanted to attack him by surprise as part of his "initiation", but Fred took this more seriously and lead to a short rumble between him and the rest of Big Hero 6 (sans Hiro). Soon, Furi reveals that the team's task is to protect the researcher of the crystal, Dr. Keigi Iosama, and his daughter Marys Iosama. To do so, the team go undercover as students of the Southport High School where Fred is the student coach; while Dr. Iosama and Furi Wamu continue to research the crystal at Plum Island, and wait for the criminal who stole the artifact in Japan to show up.

At the high school, Fred practices with the school's football team when suddenly Go-Go, Honey and Wasabi challenge the students. Fred sees this but orders them to stop because he knows they have superior skills and would only embarrass the team—who had already been losing games before. They suggest to allow them to play in the team so that they have a better chance at winning, so Fred agrees. When the day of the football match comes, Furi and Dr. Iosama watched, but left quickly as they received an emergency call from their research team about the crystal. Meanwhile, Honey Lemon is brainwashed by Badgal, the villain who had stolen the crystals, and turned into her pawn named "Whiplash". Unknown to the heroes, she had also possessed Furi and Iosama to become "Gunsmith" and "Brute"—and when the team find out about this, are forced to fight them. Fred's abilities especially seem to shock everyone who sees, and the fight ends when Badgal is defeated by Furi after she manages to break free from the mind control.

The team also find a crashed alien ship that Hiro had noticed a day before they flew to New York, but before they can do anything about it, the heroes are caught the American authorities. The Americans remain unaware about Badgal or the starship, but begin to interrogate them. However, the "student" members are allowed to leave as Furi makes up a story that they were simply caught in the crossfire when they were trying to celebrate their football victory, leaving only Furi and Baymax in custody. The team make their way back home but plan to go back and deal with all they left unresolved—but the police kept them under watch. Yet, the football team, who apparently became aware that they were superheroes, helped them escape. Going back to Plum Island, Fred and Go-Go cause a distraction by attacking the cops while Hiro, Marys, Wasabi and Honey Lemon go inside the starship. They succeed at not being caught, and the following day go to the beach with the rest of the football team, where they claim had been there the whole day. At that moment, the spaceship takes off, and the police still arrest the heroes.

For the following days, they were kept in custody in the U.S. until Furi made a deal and resolved the situation, thus finally allowing them to return to their home country—including Fred, who moved in with the team at their base. Eventually, Fred is given the codename Fredzilla for his abilities, although he hates it and even begins to make a codename list of his own; yet, despite his objections everyone sticks to calling him Fredzilla.

Sometime later, they are contacted by Spider-Man, who sought their help to foil one of Doctor Octopus' plans. Big Hero 6 and heroes from other countries destroy Octopus's worldwide bases to prevent missile launches, and Big Hero 6 themselves go to Downtown Tokyo where they face Everwraith—one of Big Hero 6's enemies whom they faced before Fred had joined the team. Big Hero 6 is also aided by the Giri Corporation during the fight. Fred arrives with Furi Wamu in her jet, jumping from it to attack Everwraith, although his attacks have no effect on Everwraith because he is an ethereal entity and could fight Fred's kaiju aura. When the team eventually manage to break through Everwraith's force field, Fred uses his aura to throw Baymax at the last missile. The team succeed and Everwraith is captured, thus leading to Spider-Man defeating Octopus.


  • Concept art of him suggests that his eyes were going to be red at some point.