This page is for Hardlight, the episode. For character of the same name, see Hardlight.

"Hardlight" is the forty-first episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on September 11, 2019, and is the seventeenth episode of the second season.


Now fugitives, Big Hero 6 lays low as the SFPD searches for them; new villain Hardlight shows up hoping to challenge Big Hero 6 to a real-life video game duel.


Hiro and Fred are in the café where Hiro is playing a Mind Smith II Turbo game as Fred constructs a food fort. Chief Cruz enters and starts chatting with Aunt Cass. Cass congratulates Cruz for the recent crime shortage, which Cruz attributes to Big Hero 6 going off the grid since, without superheroes, no villains will show up.

Afterward, Hiro continues his game in his room where runs into a new player called "Hardlight". The player quickly defeats Hiro, to his dismay. At Krei Tech, Hiro runs into Alistair Krei who enters with Chief Cruz and another scientist, the former looking to outfit the police force with Buddy Guards. Meanwhile, Fred books an appointment with an architect to renovate the team's new lair. Big Hero 6, dressed in superhero form, wait at the factory for the architect, who arrives late and introduces himself as Roddy Blair. As the team heads back home, a hooded figure suddenly appears and summons the enemies from Mind Smith II Turbo. Wasabi warns the others to stay put due to fugitive status. Chief Cruz and the police then deploy the Buddy Guards to destroy the creatures. However, the villain effortlessly destroys the Buddy Guards with his sword. The villain introduces himself as Hardlight, and he was looking for Big Hero 6 to show up, but since they did not, Hardlight threatens to steal the art museum's diamond the next night if Big Hero 6 does not appear.

Hiro notes that Hardlight shares the same name as the player who fought him and must be using force field technology to summon weapons. Honey Lemon notices that Hardlight's glove is metal, which Hiro could take from him. At the art museum, Cruz has set up a barricade. Big hero 6 sneaks in where Hardlight confronts them, and as they fight, Cruz catches attention and sends in the Buddy Guards. Hardlight steals the diamond and takes Cruz prisoner, and demands Big Hero 6 show up the next night if they want to save him.

Hiro sets out to build a weapon against Hardlight. Overhearing him, Roddy tells Hiro he shouldn't complicate problems but simplify them with his own strengths, in other words, play his own game. The team goes to Night Market Square, where a digital pillar awaits them. Once they enter, Hardlight is at the top. He sends digital enemies and forces them to fight. Wasabi tries to rescue Cruz, but Hardlight knocks him into the boss Go Go and Honey are fighting while Hiro and Baymax face Hardlight. Hardlight decides to finish the two off, but Hiro then throws Cruz his glove, and Cruz uses its magnetism to pull off Hardlight's glove and breaks it. Without Hardlight's powers, the pillar falls apart. However, Hardlight releases a blast of light and blinds the team, allowing him to escape. Big Hero 6 then leaves, but Cruz remains dedicated on taking them down. They return to the factory, where Roddy has finished first floor renovations and shows the team the conference room, which Fred giddily excites over. Hiro then sets the first team meeting open to finding out who Hardlight is.

At Krei Tech, Krei talks to Ian, his scientist from earlier, about the force field technology. Ian sheepishly tells him there have been some setbacks. After Krei leaves, Ian puts away a flash drive in a cabinet with the Hardlight helmet inside, revealing Ian is the villain.


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