Honey Lemon, as portrayed in the "Big Hero 6" manga series titled "Baymax" in Japan, is an adaptation of the film character of the same name.


Honey is a student involved in the special science program at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. She is friends with several cohorts, and appeared to work the most closely with Tadashi at the institute.


In contrast with her film counterpart, Honey is shy and soft-spoken and is so clumsy that she becomes flustered. She is willing to help her friends, but does not like to raise her voice against them if they do something she does not agree with. Honey seems to have a close relationship towards Tadashi that she hates to mess up his work, as she was self-conscious about her accidental trip while assisting Tadashi's presentation. Nonetheless, she is very enthusiastic about her research and is the most compassionate member of the team.

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