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Although this article is based on canonical information, its title is conjectural.

The Kraken Bot is a small robot that helped Trina in her robberies.


When Cerberus Bot went to Joe's Diner and scared the customers in it, Big Hero 6 arrived at the place and confronted the Cerberus Bot. However, while they were distracted, Kraken Bot entered and stole the cash register with no one noticing.

After Cerberus Bot was destroyed, Big Hero 6 went home but they found out about Kraken Bot's involvement in the news, when footage from a security camera showed the bot stealing.

Later on, Trina befriended Hiro but soon Hiro figured out that Trina was the thief he was looking for, realizing she had also used Kraken Bot before, so Trina showed her true intentions as she escaped while leaving a robot to attack Big Hero 6.

Trina returned with Kraken Bot to a warehouse where Obake waited for Trina. When they arrived, Trina showed Obake a diamond which they stole but Obake was uninterested in it and tossed the jewel away, so Kraken Bot went to catch it in a hurry.


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