"Legacies" is the two-part season two finale of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on February 8, 2020, and is collectively the twenty-fourth and twenty fifth episode of the second season as well as the forty-eighth and forty-ninth episode overall.


Chief Cruz and the police get the upper hand in their battle with both villains and Big Hero 6 when they begin using Buddy Guardians, powerful new robots produced by Krei Tech.


Hiro, Fred, and Baymax are brawling with El Fuego in the alleys, the latter yearning for a rematch with Baymax. Fred blasts a fireball at El Fuego who accuses Fred of copying his powers leading to them bickering. Baymax detects three robots approaching—the Buddy Guardians—whom El Fuego mistakes for Big Hero 6's, to which Hiro clarifies are not theirs. The Buddy Guardians order surrender to the San Fransokyo Police Department and El Fuego, seeing them as new "challengers", immediately engages, only for a Buddy Guardian to toss him down. Fred thanks the Buddy Guardians, but the other two robots move in on them. Chief Cruz appears on a helicopter and introduces the robots courtesy of Krei Tech. Fred fires at one Buddy Guardian while Baymax sends a rocket first at another; both barely graze the robots. Impressed by the might of the Buddy Guardians, El Fuego briefly fights back, however, he is then overpowered. Big Hero 6 retreats before Chief Cruz can capture them; El Fuego becomes irked of being left behind.

At SFIT where Fred recounts the story, Hiro remarks that the robots were quite advanced for something made from Krei Tech. Wasabi notes that with the Buddy Guardians, the police can handle villains without Big Hero 6. While everyone sans Fred is happy with the extra time to finish their final projects for graduation, Hiro is suspicious of Alistair Krei keeping the Buddy Guardian project from him. Professor Granville then enters to talk with Hiro about his degree acceptance speech on behalf of Tadashi Hamada, and wants him to know that she is around to talk before exiting. The others sense Hiro's doubt though Hiro brushes it off before he goes to see Krei. Krei refuses to tell Hiro where the Buddy Guardians came from, other than they were from his "secret division", so Hiro calls in Megan Cruz for a closer look at the Buddy Guardians. Megan is initially against it, but Hiro persuades her to if the robots turn out to be dangerous.

The two, donning Flexible Display Technology invisibility suits, sneak into the SFPD Station and enter the Buddy Guardian docks. Hiro climbs up one of the Guardians to retrieve a programming chip and falls down from it. Alerted, Cruz enters while the two slip past him. After returning home, Cass asks what they are up to and Hiro claims he is working on his speech with Megan. After an excited Cass leaves. Baymax explains the speech is for Tadashi when Megan asks what it is. Hiro turns down Megan's offer to help him with it, but he then discovers the chip's encrypted data contains Obake's programming, displaying his symbol with lines of code. Hiro turns uneasy to see the symbol as he believes Obake has returned, while Baymax explains to Megan what had happened before. Hiro and Megan decide to warn Chief Cruz about it by using Obake's code as evidence, but when Hiro attempts to isolate the code, it causes the computer to catch fire, though Baymax quickly extinguishes it.

Later, Hiro is in his room examining an image of his old "conspiracy wall" from the times he tried to figure Obake's original plan. Cass enters, so Hiro claims he is working on his Tadashi speech. Cass comforts Hiro by telling him that while thinking about the incident hurts her, remembering Tadashi makes her happy. At Frederickson Candy Co., Big Hero 6 is dubious of Obake's return. Hiro advocates they must warn Chief Cruz to decommission the Buddy Guardians. While Cruz is assisting an old lady cross by, Hiro, using Robot Hiro, flies to Cruz to warn him of the robots' origins. Chief Cruz refuses to listen and has the Buddy Guardians capture him. Hiro reveals his decoy as it flies off; nearby, the old lady morphs into Globby and slips away, having overheard everything. After seeing the interaction from Hiro's controller, Honey Lemon concludes they will need evidence to earn Cruz's trust. Hiro and Baymax return to Krei Tech and although Judy sees them, she lets them be since she is on break. Hiro then accesses Krei's files and learns Krei's "secret division" is stationed at a warehouse. Before Krei enters, Hiro forwards the address to the others and escapes with Baymax via Skymax.

The rest of the team drives for the warehouse until an explosion goes off in a freighter. They head to the bay and drive onto the ship. Suddenly, they are confronted by Cruz and the Buddy Guardians, and Go Go Tomago realizes it is a trap. The four heroes fend off the police's incapacitation attempts, during which Wasabi's Car is knocked back into the bay to his dismay. Despite Hiro assuring the team he and Baymax are coming to help, the team warns him to stay clear of their predicament and go after Obake. Arriving at the warehouse, Hiro and Baymax find someone at a monitor. Stepping out from the shadows, the figure is revealed to be Trina wearing Obake's clothes and sporting his haircut. Trina reveals she blames Hiro for her father's death, so she has made a deal with Krei to build the Guardians mass-produced with Obake's chip, which Trina intends to use and carry out Obake's legacy of destroying San Fransokyo. Baymax rejects Trina's offer to join her side, thus Trina lets loose Noodle Burger Boy and the Buddy Guardians as she leaves to begin her revolution.

At SFPD, Cruz rounds up the team and prepares to unmask the heroes. Before he can unmask Fred, Megan interrupts and starts arguing with Cruz over his behavior, with Cruz furiously grounding Megan for disobeying his orders to go home. Trina, meanwhile, activates an override in the police Buddy Guardians, making them fly out from the police station. Cruz orders the police to take out the rogue robots while Megan follows in her invisibility suit. Back at the warehouse, Hiro has Baymax activate Overdrive Mode to fight the Guardians. Before one nearly crushes Hiro, it then implodes from Globby coming to the duo's aid. Globby then helps Baymax finish off the remaining robots. However, Noodle Burger Boy escapes to Trina and the other Buddy Guardians. Cruz and the police confront Trina. Trina has one of the Buddy Guardians attempt to crush Cruz but he is pushed to the side by Megan, whose invisibility wears off. Trina's Buddy Guardians then capture Megan to Cruz's horror, then takes her as a hostage so the SFPD wouldn't intervene.

Hiro, Baymax, and Globby—joined by Mini-Max and Roddy Blair—regroup at BH6 headquarters to discuss their counterattack. Hiro has Roddy build several new designs with Mini-Max and Globby. Afterward, at SFPD where the rest of Big Hero 6 is, "Cruz" tells Detective Kato the heroes are free to go. "Cruz" escorts them outside where Hiro and Baymax are, and at that moment, the real Cruz returns to the station; "Cruz" morphs back into Globby. Hiro starts reasoning with Cruz, but a desperate Cruz begs for Big Hero 6's help as Trina has kidnapped Megan.

Big Hero 6 and Globby track Trina down. Hiro demands Trina to let Megan go, and Trina sets the Buddy Guardians on them. As the two sides clash, Trina punches Globby over one Buddy Guardian, only for Globby to encompass and take control of it. Fred rescues Megan from the Buddy Guardians using his Fredmeleon suit's tongue. Noodle Burger Boy tails them, though Honey Lemon shoots him down mid-air with a chem-ball. Another Buddy Guardian tries to intercept them, but Go Go picks them up on her disc. With Megan rescued, the team flies back to SFPD, where Cruz embraces Megan and reconciles with her. He also thanks Big Hero 6 and forgives them, now understanding that heroes risk their lives to save others. At that, Big Hero 6 takes off their helmets and reveal the truth to Cruz, who has now realized the error of his ways. Baymax then detects the robots are spreading with Trina and Noodle Burger Boy heading to Krei Tech. Hiro and Baymax go after Trina, while everyone else and the police go after the Buddy Guardians.

Hiro and Baymax confront Trina, but Noodle Burger Boy battles Hiro and Baymax with an extensive claw arm as Trina begins channeling energy from the wind turbines. Meanwhile, the splinter teams of Big Hero 6 discover the Buddy Guardians are congregating around Krei's garbage trucks in Night Market Square, SFIT, Fish Town and San Fransokyo Museum of Art. Trina siphons the energy to the trucks which expand into thermal conductor panels; the Buddy Guardians then radiate the energy into thermal waves that melt everything around them, including Globby. Hiro attaches Noodle Burger Boy to Baymax's Jet Pack with electromagnetic lashes, which flies him into the sky, isolating him from Trina and leaving his fate unknown. An enraged Trina fires at Hiro who is protected by Baymax, but knocks Baymax over and Hiro holds on the ledge. Instead of going back up, Hiro stalls by telling Roddy to hurry up and distracting Trina. When Trina realizes this, Hiro quickly reveals to her that he was waiting for "somebody"—Roddy and Mini-Max then appear behind her in a colossal mech called Mega-Max, with Roddy controlling the mech's arms to grab Trina and toss her into the city, thereby severing her connection with the conductors. Trina recovers and summons more Buddy Guardians to fight Mega-Max and attempt harming civilians. Though Trina insists her revolution will succeed regardless of Hiro's efforts, Hiro activates a neurotransmitter incorporated into his helmet; as Mega-Max lands behind Trina, its legs open up to release an army of Megabots carrying healthcare chips. The Megabots cling onto the Buddy Guardians and replace the Obake chips with the healthcare chips, turning them benevolent and helping the civilians instead. Trina tries to crush Hiro for ruining her plans, but Hiro throws Mini Magnets at her and entangles Trina in the lashes, remarking that her talk of Obake's legacy inspired him to keep Tadashi's legacy alive instead.

With the battle won, Cruz officially repeals the fugitive status of Big Hero 6 and Globby. The next day, Big Hero 6 attend their graduation ceremony at SFIT, and it is shown that Cruz and Megan now have a more casual relationship, while Globby reunites with Felony Carl. During the ceremony, Hiro presents his speech: a legacy is not only about being remembered but also about the things important to the person living on in people who loved them, including helping others. The graduation is also being broadcasted, as Karmi watches Hiro on her laptop somewhere else, smiling at the touching tribute. Hiro then wraps up his speech with a promise to carry on Tadashi's legacy with a hope that others will join him, accepts Tadashi's diploma from Granville, and receives a hug from Baymax.


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  • Megan's full name and birthday are revealed in the episode.
  • Similar to "Baymax Returns" and the Season 1 finale "Countdown to Catastrophe", the episode's name is shown in the intro.
  • A photograph of Hiro's old conspiracy board from Season 1 appears in this episode.
  • Fred develops seasickness in this episode.
  • Wasabi's car is thrown into the bottom of the bay again after it is tossed off of the boat where the police captured Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon, and Fred.
  • Big Hero 6 reveal their identities to Chief Cruz after they rescue Megan from Trina.
  • This episode marks the first time Karmi makes a physical appearance since "City of Monsters", although she doesn't speak.
  • Mr. Sparkles' name is seen briefly on a billboard, although he doesn't appear and no images of him can be seen.
  • Judy is credited again as "Krei's Assistant" despite the fact her name has been revealed previously, and Hiro refers to her by name in the episode.


  • In the group scene after Hiro controls Robot Hiro, he is seen wearing his original helmet. However, his original suit is seen in the background also with the helmet, even though the team doesn't have duplicate suits and his newer helmet can also control the robot (as seen in "El Fuego").
  • When Trina is thrown by Mega-Max and her face is damaged, a group of people approaches her. However, when the Buddy Guardians fly toward them, they are clearly different people.
    • One of these civilians, who had grey hair, red sweater and wore glasses, could also be seen just a few seconds later in a high building working on his computer when Mini-Max says "I can do this all day".
      • Another civilian in that building (grey jacket and mohawk hairstyle) was also seen later in the street being helped by a Buddy Guardian after their chips were changed.
  • During Hiro's speech, there are no visible cameras or anyone recording in the angle which Hiro is seen from, even though it was being broadcasted and watched by Karmi.


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