Little Yama is a small robot created by Mr. Yama.


Yama uses this bot for bot-fighting competitions, in order to win money by defeating and sometimes destroying his adversaries' bots. It was first seen when Yama fought a robot made by a girl with pink hair, and easily defeats her with Little Yama.


After defeating the punk girl, Hiro Hamada comes over and asks if he can fight Little Yama. Hiro purposely allows his robot, Megabot, to be defeated on his first attempt. This amuses Yama and he tells Hiro to go home, but Hiro bets more money. In this second fight Megabot wins with sudden movements and manages to cut Little Yama in half. After the fight, Hiro says "no more Little Yama" while Yama looks at the robot astonished. Yama then chases Hiro, who is picked up by his brother Tadashi Hamada until most people who were at the fight are arrested.

Regardless, Yama got out of prison and later used the bot's design as a base to create Big Yama and Mega Yama since he attempted different ways to get revenge on Hiro for having tricked him. Both robots are however destroyed and Yama's schemes are foiled, so he decides to repair Little Yama and go back into bot-fights.

Yama blacklists Hiro out of bot-fights, thus he returns to his winning streak with Little Yama, until Hiro and his team find out that someone has been using battlebots for robbery. Hiro believes the thief is Yama, so he goes "undercover" to have a re-match with Yama to keep him distracted while his friends search Yama's office for evidence; the ringleader agrees to this despite Yama's order, since she believed it would be good for business.

Yama becomes surprised to see him again, but still fights Hiro's Megabot with Little Yama. Hiro however manages to destroy the robot by using a similar method than their first encounter, so Yama tells Hiro he got lucky again but Hiro asks him if it's luck that it keeps happening, to which Yama doesn't respond and instead kicks the disassembled Little Yama, then walks away angered.





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