This page is for Major Blast, the episode. For the character of the same name, see Major Blast.

"Major Blast" is the forty-sixth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on January 25, 2020 and is the twenty-second episode in the second season.


A new villain, Major Blast, appears in the city and targets Fred; the other members of Big Hero 6 try to figure out who is behind the Major Blast mask.


Hiro, Baymax, and Fred are rescuing the falling 7 News helicopter over Torii Gate Bridge. Fred bounces and rescues the occupants while Hiro and Baymax land the helicopter. On the bridge below, a figure fires a blast at Fred that propels him toward the rooftop. As Fred recovers, the villain confronts him, so Fred blasts fire at the villain but is protected by a force field. Lunging at his enemy, Fred nearly throws himself over but is saved by Hiro and Baymax; the villain tells Fred he is not ready, and warns him to prepare for the next time they meet and flies away, which gets Fred excited about having an arch-enemy.

At Frederickson Candy Co., the team assesses the villain. Hiro recommends training Fred, which Go Go Tomago offers to do. On the topic of training, Hiro has Roddy Blair show everyone the base's newest addition: a simulated training room called Simmax. Fred selects an environment and training robot. While choosing an opponent, Fred accidentally selects Momakase. The simulation defeats Fred and vanishes. Afterward, Hiro has Baymax and Basemax search for information on the villain, and they retrieve a 1973 news broadcast on Boss Awesome battling the villain, revealing them to be "Major Blast". Inside Simmax, Go Go begins Fred's training. After she tells him to clear his head of distractions and focus, Fred gets distracted over comics and Go Go hits him with one of her discs, which helps him understand her point. Over the progressive sessions, Fred's distractive tendencies cause him to keep losing.

Hiro asks Fred if his father ever mentioned Major Blast while investigating the villain. Fred does not recall but he brings the team to Frederickson Mansion for records of Major Blast in Boss Awesome's database, but no records exist. Fred tries to call Mr. Frederickson but is interrupted by Major Blast who chides Fred for not training before cutting the call. Fred then trains with Mini-Max on Frederickson grounds. However, Major Blast suddenly appears. Heathcliff shows up with the Fredmeleon suit to save Fred from Major Blast, and the villain takes off. At the base the next day, Honey reasons since Major Blast knew where Fred lives, then Major Blast might know Fred's identity. Roddy mentions the record was on a disc in Boss Awesome's secret compartment. The others head out to retrieve the disc while Go Go and Fred continue training. Fred despairs over getting distracted easily until Roddy tells him that Boss Awesome had trouble with catchphrases, but instead of focusing on getting the phrase right, he diverted the phrase to confuse villains, turning his weakness into a strength. Fred misunderstands the point and Roddy leaves vexed. Undeterred, Fred faces off against several villain opponents, though he still fails because of his distractions. Fred is about to give up when Major Blast suddenly infiltrates Simmax and fights him.

Seeing Fred in peril, Go Go enters Simmax and comes to Fred's aid, but Major Blast soon forces her out and locks them and Fred inside. Meanwhile, Hiro, Honey, and Wasabi access the compartment and analyze the disc, which reveals Major Blast's true identity. Back at the base, Fred continues fighting with Major. Go Go tries to get back in, soon joined by the rest of the team. Eventually, Fred gets Major Blast to look away and hits them with his headlights. Major Blast's systems reboot right when Fred is heading toward them, so Major Blast shoots at him. Suddenly, the real Fred jumps on Major Blast from behind, as the Fred they blasted was the training robot Fred made a distraction. Fred then rips apart Major Blast's suit before colliding several times with the villain and defeats them. The room then reopens for the team, where Fred explains he took Go Go and Roddy's advice to distract villains instead of himself. Fred is about to unmask the villain but Major Blast stops him; Major Blast is revealed to be Mrs. Frederickson. Mrs. Frederickson explains she initially took up the identity to help her husband overcome his weakness and become a better hero, the same as what she did for Fred to prepare him and Big Hero 6 for the challenges ahead, and that she is proud of Fred. The two then share a heartfelt hug while Mr. Frederickson watches the moment live on his phone.


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  • It is revealed that Fred has a tiny toy car lodged in his ear canal since he was 8.
  • Fred's training montage is an homage to The Karate Kid.
  • The painting in Boss Awesome's secret compartment is based on The Scream.
  • Major Blast's quote upon her reveal references Darth Vader's line, "Luke, I am your father." from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Roddy is seen listening and singing the Wendy Wower song.
  • The end credits list Boss Awesome and Fred's Dad separately, as well as Major Blast and Fred's Mom.


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