Megabot, destroy.

Megabot is a small robot created by Hiro Hamada so he could take part in underground Bot Fighting in San Fransokyo.


The bot was made by Hiro, who used it against Mr. Yama and won, intending to continue using it in more bot fights until he decided to leave this career behind.


Though it appears to be a relatively simple model, Megabot's appearance is meant to be deceptive - its body is comprised of magnetic joints, which allows it to split into smaller parts of itself and attach to opponents, taking them apart and utterly defeating them with their own weapons. When switching between normal mode and battle mode, the robot's face switches from a yellow smiling face to a red, fierce-looking face.

Powers and Abilities

  • Reconstruction: Megabot's main ability is to detach its "body" parts and be able to disassemble other bots, as well as spreading around and attacking from different sides. This also makes it difficult to destroy.
  • Laser eyes: Hiro later gave it laser eyes that disable the opponent bots. It appears to only work with its "battle face".


Hiro watched Yama fight another bot fighter using his Little Yama bot. After Yama destroyed the fighter's bot, Hiro stepped in with a scared look, challenging Yama with Megabot. Everyone in the place laughed at its design and Yama accepted, believing it to be easy money. Megabot then was "destroyed" by Little Yama.

Hiro asked for a rematch, but Yama told him to accept defeat. Hiro then offered more money and Yama agreed once more. This time, Megabot switched to his "battle face" and Hiro, who was just pretending to be inexperienced, quickly destroyed Little Yama. After winning, everyone was shocked and Hiro took the money. Yama realized he was tricked and tried to attack Hiro, who was saved by his brother Tadashi riding his scooter. The brothers escaped and Megabot stayed behind with Yama, but started attacking him and caught up with Hiro and Tadashi while they were followed by Yama's Thugs. The police also arrived, followed the bot fighters and apprehended them. Tadashi was incarcerated with them for a short time until Aunt Cass arrived and took both of her nephews back to Lucky Cat Café. Despite what had just happened, Hiro already planned to attend another fight with Megabot that same night.

Tadashi then took his brother to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology trying to change his mind about his future. There, both met Robert Callaghan. Callaghan looked at Megabot and said that his own daughter also used to be into bot fighting when she was younger. Hiro left with a great impression about the SFIT and decided to leave bot-fighting in favor of joining the school. He tried to think of an outstanding invention to showcase at the SFIT and be accepted, but had no ideas at all. Tadashi then told him to look for another angle, and so Hiro stared at his Megabot's design, which inspired him to build a new invention: Microbots.

Later, after Tadashi's unfortunate death, Megabot inadvertently helped to activate Baymax when one of its legs fell onto Hiro's foot and reacted from the pain. Megabot then simply remained inside Hiro's room with no plans of being used by him anymore as he was no longer interested in bot fights.

In the series' episode "Food Fight", Megabot is spotted by Aunt Cass in Hiro's room. Since Hiro was now part of a superhero team, he had to go out a lot to help people but never told his aunt, as he didn't want to worry her. Cass went to his room and Hiro was absent (the team was helping Alistair Krei at that moment). She called Hiro, who lied saying he was studying, then Cass saw Megabot and believed Hiro had gone back into bot fighting, and so she went out at night to find him.

Megabot is also seen inside Hiro's SFIT locker in "Fan Friction".

After many events transpire, Hiro gets back into bot fights intending to discover a thief who used battlebots for heists and framed other innocent bot-fighters. Though at first he only joins as a spy. Hiro eventually decides to reenter bot-fights again after Trina influenced him to be a bot-fighter once more.

Hiro then takes Megabot from his room, but lies to his friends about it by telling them it's part of the job. His first match also happens to be against Trina, but before Megabot and Trina's Bot can engage in battle, the police bust into the place and arrest Hiro, since everyone else was quick to leave. Cass then picks up Hiro and she is mad because he went back to it after Tadashi's death so she confiscates Megabot and she grounded him and she told him that he needs time alone to remember what's important while she goes storming into the café.

Hiro's friends are also upset but he still tells them that he only needed one more night to bust the thief (whom he believed was Yama) then he's out of bot-fighting for good, so they agree and Hiro takes Megabot from under Mochi's paws by putting the remote control under his paws after Cass falls asleep and he puts the blanket on her body before he leaves to go to his competition.

He then finally fights Trina and defeats her bot by using laser eye upgrades he gave to Megabot, so Trina becomes impressed and kisses him. Hiro then continues to defeat the following adversaries until he gets to fight Yama and the now-repaired Little Yama. Regardless, Hiro easily defeats Yama, and then his friends call him to tell him they didn't find anything that revealed Yama was the thief. Hiro realizes that the only other possible suspect was Trina, so he becomes disappointed and he also tries to talk her out of bot-fighting because she's smart and she could turn her life around too.

Trina however refuses and reveals she is indeed the thief, then activates the bots she had hacked to fuse into a large bot to attack Hiro and his friends. Unknowingly, she had also hacked Megabot, so it joined the other bots to form the robot while Trina escaped. Hiro soon manages to reprogram Trina's command so that he can get back Megabot, and after succeeding he begins disassembling the robot both from outside and inside, therefore defeating it.


  • Megabot's name is a pun on the word "mega", which means huge, in contrast to Megabot's small figure.
  • Multiple Megabots appear in Big Hero 6: Bot Fight with three additional faces: silly (blue), laughing (green), and angry (purple). Each one (including the happy and battle faces) matches the five elements. Microbots also appear in the game with the same five faces and can evolve into Megabots which, in turn, can also evolve into "Macrobots": a kind of bot exclusive to the game.
  • Megabot appears as a playable character in Disney Crossy Road, where it is unlockable through the Big Hero 6 weekend challenges.
  • Megabot and its happy yellow face are part of the Nano Gear Keyblade's design in Kingdom Hearts III.



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