"Mini-Maximum Trouble" is the thirty-eighth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on September 6, 2019, and is the fourteenth episode of the second season.


When Fred runs into a string of bad luck, Megan reveals to Hiro that she's trying to uncover the true identities of Big Hero 6 for her school's newspaper.


The gang dines at Lucky Cat Café when Wasabi panics over spilled salt. Wasabi spills that he has an uncontrollable fear of superstition, so Fred resolves to help him disprove it. Hiro then receives a phone call from Megan letting him know she is trying to figure out the real identities of Big Hero 6 for her school newspaper. The rest of the team hopes Megan won't figure it out.

Fred undergoes a superstition obstacle course for Wasabi to watch with Mini-Max helping. This sets off a chain reaction that breaks a water pipe Mini-Max tries to close but gets flooded with water. Fred has Mini-Max dry with rice, though the robot starts behaving erratically. Meanwhile, Hiro pays a visit to Megan who is making progress in her investigation. Hiro tries to get Megan to change her mind, but Megan refuses to give up on the story. After Hiro gives Fred a call on the situation, Fred heads towards the comic shop for a solution when the porch roof suddenly falls down on him then consequently dodging a falling shelf and a runaway tram. Fred concludes Wasabi was right about bad luck.

Fred retrieves his Fredmeleon suit to stop the tram with Big Hero 6. Afterward, Megan appears and presses them for questions but Big Hero 6 flees the scene. When Fred panics about his bad luck, Wasabi tells Fred he needs to find a good luck charm to reverse the bad luck. Fred finds a coin which alleviates his worries, but shortly after he trips and is knocked out. At Hiro's house, Megan shows up asking Hiro to decrypt security footage she found of Fred changing into his suit. Hiro reluctantly enhances the footage, where he notices Mini-Max in the video. Somewhere else, Fred awakens tied up in an abandoned construction site. Mini-Max suddenly appears and reveals he was responsible for all of Fred's incidents. Fred realizes the water damage switched Mini-Max's personality chip to villainy.

After receiving a video of Mini-Max and Fred's, Big Hero 6 head to Mini-Max's hideout. Mini-Max traps Hiro and Baymax while Honey, Wasabi, and Go Go escape from a falling elevator. Fred manages to free himself from bondage and summons his Fredmeleon suit. Mini-Max then takes Honey Lemon's chem-purse and incapacitates everyone until Fred ambushes him and douses him with water to shortcircuit the robot. Hiro then takes Mini-Max back to SFIT and repairs him, and makes the robot water-proof.

Hiro checks in with Megan again, and she reveals that she has pinpointed three areas where Big Hero 6 frequent: SFIT, Lucky Cat Cafe, and Krei Tech. Chief Cruz congratulates Megan and takes a picture of Megan's findings to help him with unmasking Big Hero 6.


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  • Wasabi is revealed to be superstitious, though is in denial.



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