Alright, let me get this straight. A man in a kabuki mask attacked you with an army of miniature flying robots...

Sergeant Gerson is a minor character in Big Hero 6.


Gerson was on duty the day that Hiro Hamada went to the San Fransokyo Police Department to report the villain Yokai and his theft of Hiro's Microbots.

Gerson was playing a Solitaire game on his computer, but began to file Hiro's claim when he arrived, although soon Gerson became skeptical of its validity when hearing about Yokai's theft and use of Microbots as a telepathic weapon. During the conversation, Baymax uses the tape dispenser on Gerson's desk in order to patch the little holes that had been punctured in his body as a result of Yokai's attacks.

Hiro tries convincing Gerson by telling him that Baymax was there too, but Baymax's battery begins to run low and he acts in a weird way, so Gerson thinks it's better to call Hiro's parents. He gets a pen and paper for Hiro to fill, but when he turns around sees that Hiro and Baymax had already left, as Hiro was forced to quickly take Baymax home in order to charge, with Baymax dragging the tape dispenser off Gerson's desk and across the floor before the sliding doors shut behind them.

Due to his skeptical behavior, Hiro took matters into his own hands, giving Baymax and his friends super armors to apprehend Yokai themselves. During Hiro and Baymax's first test flight, Gerson is seen out on the streets buying ramen, and his cap is accidentally blown away when Hiro and Baymax fly by.

Regardless, he had apparently filed Hiro's claim anyway. Hiro and his team showed their appreciation for his efforts by providing him with a brand new tape dispenser after the defeat and arrest of Yokai.


  • He was named after his voice actor, Daniel Gerson.
  • He is only credited as "Desk Sergeant", but his name tag shows he is indeed named Gerson.
  • Gerson is the only named character from the film who has not appeared in Big Hero 6: The Series, likely due to his voice actor passing away.
  • Gerson had framed pictures on his desk of Bolt and Officer Ester, who are characters from another Disney film, Bolt.
  • Though he is a minor character in the film, Gerson also appears in the game Disney Crossy Road as a playable character.