"The Globby Within" is the fortieth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on September 10, 2019, and is the sixteenth episode of the second season.


Nega-Globby begins to take control of Globby's body to cause chaos around the city, turning Globby from an adored hero to a wanted criminal overnight.


Globby helps promote Alistair Krei's new K-Phone which is met with massive success and Globby receives universal praise. Once he heads back to his apartment where Felony Carl is, Globby feels he is happy for the first time in his life, unaware that Nega-Globby is manifesting behind his head.

At Lucky Cat Cafe, Hiro spots Chief Cruz entering. Hiro notes Cruz has been in for coffee every day even though Cruz doesn't like coffee. Fred suspects he has a crush on Aunt Cass. Baymax confirms with his health scan. Cruz voices his frustration with Big Hero 6 before he heads out, but the team is left worried. Meanwhile, Globby is at Joe's Diner when Nega-Globby takes over his arm and wrecks the place. Chief Cruz arrives to arrest a horrified Globby who escapes in the storm drain. While at Frederickson Mansion listening to Fred advocate a secret headquarters, Hiro gets a news alert that Globby is now a fugitive. The team senses something isn't right, and ask for Carl to arrange a meeting for them and Globby. The team meets up with Globby in an alley where Globby still has his corrupted arm. Wasabi slices it off, but immediately after, the team hears cackling from Nega-Globby as it reveals itself. Globby silences Nega-Globby's manifestation. Fred offers to hide Globby at his house while Honey Lemon works on a cure.

That night, Globby falls asleep during Fred's "Fred-Talks", and Nega-Globby possesses Globby's arms. Mini-Max then drops the chandelier on Globby which suppresses Nega-Globby again. With Nega-Globby growing stronger, Fred recommends relocating Globby to his great-grandfather's abandoned candy factory so the team can keep an eye on Globby. As everyone waits, Nega-Globby uses its control to perform antics on the team. Hiro checks back on Honey's side of things, where she informs him that the Nega-Globby cells can't be removed without destroying Globby. Hiro suggests making Nega-Globby stronger, therefore allowing it to survive outside of Globby. At that moment, Go Go Tomago calls them back to the factory, where the team reveals Globby ran away to keep everyone safe.

After scouting the city, the team heads Akuma Island. There, they find Globby, and Hiro tells him they intend to force Nega-Globby out then capture it with his Glob-Vac. Though reluctant, Globby accepts. Honey shoots the cure into Globby, causing Nega-Globby to emerge out of Globby. The monster throws the Glob-Vac at a heap before attacking the team, but they counter with combined attacks and separate Nega-Globby down to smaller blobs. As Hiro and Baymax head to retrieve the Glob-Vac, Nega-Globby pulls them and the rest of the team in, combining with the rubble to grow bigger. Globby seemingly submits, but then emerges in a butterfly form and lands on Nega-Globby to free the others. Nega-Globby seemingly crushes Globby before turning to the team, but the monster implodes from internal pressure by Globby. Hiro then vacuums the monster's remnants and traps it. However, Chief Cruz confronts them on helicopter and holds them under arrest for helping Globby. Big Hero 6 and Globby then escape.

The next day, the team dines at the renovated Joe's Diner wishing Globby could be with them when Felony Carl suddenly enters, his voice slightly different, but then reveals himself to be Globby in disguise. Although Globby can now hide and still help, Wasabi remarks that helping Globby made them fugitives and the police will be looking for them. However, the team decides to use the abandoned candy factory as their new hideout.


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  • The team get a new headquarters in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Globby and Felony Carl share an apartment.
  • "Fred Talks" is a parody of the TED Talk speaker series.
  • Similar to "Nega-Globby", Globby and Nega-Globby's fight references kaiju monsters. Nega-Globby transforms into a monster resembling one of King Ghidorah's heads while Globby's flying form resembles Mothra.


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