The Mascot Upshot is the second half of the sixtieth episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. It premiered on February 15, 2021 and is the second segment of the tenth episode of Season 3 alongside "Krei-oke Night".

The episode also serves as the series finale.


Hiro sees an opportunity to defeat the mascots when they decide to add a member to their family.


Noodle Burger Boy and his sisters try to steal the statue from the Noodle Burger restaurant to turn into their "big brother". They are confronted by Big Hero 6 and run away as they find themselves outnumbered. At the heroes' base, Hiro reveals that Go Go planted a bug on Crushroom that allows them to spy on the mascot robots, as part of a larger plot to finally stop them. They learn that the mascots now planning to recruit a new family member to take on Big Hero 6, and decide to send Mini-Max undercover, using his old supervillain armor.

The next day at the junkyard, the mascots hold auditions for their new sibling: their first candidate is a Sergeant Suction, whom they already consider "friend of the family", but the robot gets crushed by a falling lamp. A Buddy Guardian shows up next, but only does a magic trick with rabbits and a hat that only impresses Crushroom while the rest are unconvinced; the last robot is Mega Yama—but he simply strikes a dance pose and is denied. When the mascots see there is nobody else to recruit, Mini-Max shows up to tell them he has "turned evil" and wants to join them. Though the mascots know it's a trick, they still accept him to try double-crossing him later and spend the evening playing and treating him as their new brother.

At the robots' hideout, Mini-Max tells them he will return to Big Hero 6 "as if nothing had happened" and lure them into a trap the next day. He gets some presents from his "siblings", which give him second thoughts as he begins to realize the bots truly care for each other. At the Big Hero 6 base, Mini-Max tells the team that he succeeded, and Hiro tells him that now he needs to lead them to the Noodle Burger Factory tomorrow night. While the rest of the team leave to eat dinner and sleep, Mini-Max and Baymax stay at the base to charge overnight. They discuss whether if robots can have families or not, and as Baymax replies that they can because their purpose is to take care of each other, such as him taking care of Hiro, Mini-Max agrees and calls him brother as well.

The following night at the factory, Mini-Max and the mascots discuss their "plan" to ambush Big Hero 6, but they are suddenly surrounded by the heroes, pointing out that Mini-Max had sold them out. Mini-Max tells them that he feels bad about double-crossing them after gaining their trust, but the mascots laugh as they already knew he was trying to use them, but instead, they used him to lure Big Hero 6 to them, revealing that Momakase had joined their family as she enters and takes the heroes' equipment. Noodle Burger Boy prepares to attack Mini-Max until he suddenly shuts down since Momakase had taken out his chip without anyone noticing before. Hiro then reveals that he and Momakase had made a deal and in reality, she was on the heroes' side. This shocks both sides as she returns Big Hero 6's weapons and the mascots try to run away, but are stopped by Big Hero 6. Momakase then leaves, telling Hiro that she returned the favor she owed to him, and are on even terms now.

With the robots' evil programming gone, Mini-Max worries about their fate, telling his teammates that all they really wanted was to be a family. Hiro responds that one thing he learned is that being a hero means helping others, so he decides to give them a second chance and takes them to Lucky Cat Café, where all three robots become waiters and begin to call Aunt Cass their "mother". Though Cass initially thinks it's weird, she realizes they don't have to be related to be a family. It is then that Cass and Baymax hug Hiro, and are quickly joined by Mini-Max, Go Go, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Noodle Burger Boy, Crushroom, Hangry Panda and Hyper-Potamus.

Hiro claims that the hug is tight but good and tells all that he loves them, followed by him and Baymax sharing the fist-bump they learned from Tadashi.


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  • Initially, this segment of the episode was listed first, with "Krei-oke Night" listed second. The reason for this is that "Krei-oke Night" was produced after[1].
  • Hiro and Fred saying "being a hero means helping others, even evil robots", is reminiscent of Mr. Frederickson's quote in "Supersonic Sue".


  • When Hangry Panda says "We'll never win while we're outnumbered", Hyper-Potamus is missing her "lipstick".
  • When the robots put their hands together and say "Go big or go chrome", Hangry Panda's open mouth seen from the side is solid instead of being a hole.
  • When Noodle Burger Boy says "You have given us a lot to consider", the bug that Go Go planted on Crushroom's head is missing for the next following shots. It's seen again when Mini-Max says "Thank you, evil family", but disappears once more when the robots lift him up. It then returns to normal when the family song begins.
    • It disappears again later when Big Hero 6 makes their entrance at the Noodle Burger factory.
  • When Noodle Burger Boy calls Mini-Max "brother" for the first time, Hangry Panda's eyes are white instead of yellow.
  • When Fred and Wasabi jump down while entering the factory, Wasabi's lips are miscolored and the part between Fred's suit's eyes is blue instead of orange, both for a split frame.
  • When Momakase gives Big Hero 6 their armor parts back, Fred's suit tail isn't sliced.
    • Although it's possible that she gave Fred's tail back off-screen, everyone else is seen getting their items back on-screen.




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