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This page is for Wasabi No-Ginger, the character from Marvel Comics. For the character from the film, see Wasabi.
By disrupting our lunch, their insult is to me. Therefore, I will teach them NOT to do so again!

Wasabi No-Ginger is a member of the third version of the Japanese superhero team Big Hero 6.


Wasabi No-Ginger is a trained chef and one of the recent additions to the third incarnation of Big Hero 6 following the departure of previous members Silver Samurai, Sunfire, Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre.


Wasabi is the most honorable member of the Big Hero 6 due to his samurai lifestyle. When he senses misconduct or false loyalty among allies, he is the first to confront them about it, but he will not hold a grudge if the suspect in question has noble reasons. He also enjoys making sushi for his peers.

He is shown to be slightly narcissistic.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sword Mastery: A trained swordsman, Wasabi No-Ginger can wield various swords to fight with, although he often wields two samurai swords.
  • Qi Manipulation: Wasabi No-Ginger can manipulate Qi energy from his mind to form knives that he can throw at enemies, rendering them unconscious.
  • Superhuman durability: Wasabi's body is more resistant to physical harm than humans. He was tackled by multiple football players at the same time, but was not hurt.


Wasabi is first seen cooking Sushi for Go-Go Tomago and Honey Lemon, when he is interrupted by some "intruders". While Wasabi fights them, Go-Go and Honey Lemon reveal it's just a test, and discuss whether to tell him or not. After the test is over, Wasabi even cooks for them as well.

The trio then meet with the rest of the team to fight a group of villains named Whiplash, Brute and Gunsmith. The confrontation later leads Wasabi to his first official mission with Big Hero 6: going to New York where the team would protect a scientist named Keigi Iosama and his daughter, Marys Iosama.

After arriving to the team's "house" which was also their base, Wasabi criticizes Furi Wamu's breakfast, then Go-Go and Honey Lemon try to prank the new member, Fred, but he takes it as an attack and most of the team get into a fight outdoors, including Wasabi. Once the fight ends, Wasabi goes back inside and teases Hiro Takachiho and Marys since both appear to crush on each other.

The team pose as students to enroll into the local high school, but Wasabi at first clashes with Fred due to Fred saying Wasabi is showing off, and Wasabi questioning Fred's loyalty to the team; the two come to an understanding after a football match. Later, Big Hero 6 is confronted by a villain named Badgal and her minions, that turn out to be Honey Lemon, Dr. Iosama and Ms. Wamu, all possessed by the trio of villains they had faced back in Japan.

Upon Badgal's defeat, the heroes are allowed to return to their homeland; sometime later, Wasabi gets a new armor suit and helps foil Doctor Octopus' plan of launching missiles to the ozone layer in order to burn Earth. While the rest of his teammates fight Everwraith, Wasabi destroys Octopus' security Octobots so that Baymax can take out the missile.


  • The name "Wasabi No-Ginger" is a joke referring to the fact that Wasabi and Ginger are usually served with sushi.




  1. "In the Big Hero 6 comics, Wasabi is a mutant who can project energies. To help ground him in our world, I pitched the idea that his blades were made of superheated plasma traveling along a monofilament structure. There is a line between science fiction and science fact." ―Hank Driskill, Tech Supervisor, The Art of Big Hero 6.